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::Angels in Art::
Megadriel's browseable galleries.
Angels have always been a popular subject in fine art, but it is fairly difficult to find angel art on the web without searching endlessly through galleries of poor quality, creditless, or uncategorized works. In order to find clarity or information in web art, one typically has to search by artist. Even by this method, too much effort is wasted sorting through several pieces of art just to get to any on the subject of angels.
Here at Megadriel we have collected angel art from a variety of sources &, in an attempt to make them as accessible as possible, have categorized them to be sorted into a number of galleries. Any possible credit is given when available, and all images will eventually include description. These images are for your enjoyment only, do not alter them in any way or use them in violation of their copyrights. Start by selecting one of the subgalleries below or, if you prefer, see all of Megadriel's art in these main galleries:
Paintings :: Sculpture :: Engraving :: Other


Angels and man:
A collection of art featuring angels interacting with mankind.

Various representations of the angels' bearing messages and prophecy.

Angels and music:
A gallery of angels and their musical associations.

Known Angels:
Art of the better known angels featured on the site.

Named Angels:
Representations of angels who can be named or identified..

Dark Art:
Images of the fallen angels, devils, wrath & judgement.

Stained glass:
Angels in stained glass art. Taken from various locations & by various artists.

Angels in sculpted works. Cemetery and monumental styles.

Engraved representations of angels in metal or wood mediums.

Portraits or angelic choirs represented in paintings.

Sketches or paint studies representing angels .

Art by you:
Modern angel related art & works submitted by you.
Cherubs, the popular infant angels used in romantic art.
Related winged characters who are not neccessarily angelic.
The God of love who was popularized in his angelic image.
Gods, Prophets, Djinn, Sphinxes & other related creatures.

The Forum:

Can't find what you're looking for? Ask a moderator at the forum. Also, you can submit/discuss art, report comments on the site, and discuss/interact with fellow visitors. Free & easy registration!

Encounters Page
Read over accounts of hundreds of angel encounters from ancient to modern day. Post your own experiences and discuss them with other visitors.

Site Submissions
Submit your art to be featured on Megadriel. We have a full gallery section devoted to:
"Art by You".
See your work displayed and commented on by other visitors. Look for other submissions in the future also, including music & fiction.

The Columns
Essays based on angel related topics. Including art and interactive polls, these columns fully immerse in their subject and attempt to draw out conclusions. Read, review and discuss them here.

Visitor Articles
Post your own columns in the form of articles submitted to the site to be read and reviewed by other visitors. Writing on the subject of any angel related information is welcome. Articles may be based on theory or verifiable.
[Guidelines apply.]

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