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::About Megadriel::
A brief description of
••• is an information site for angelology (the study of angels) online. We bring together art, texts & other resources as well as columns and interactive forums. While do have a page dedicated to resources on the site... Not all information should be accepted as genuine, as the subject and sources can be rather, well, 'arcane' at best.
One of the first rules of angelology is to utilize detachment of angels from the context of one major religion when researching them, a process that some find difficult if not impossible. The reason for this is simple: angels predate & transcend major religion, and while they are usually introduced through religious texts, not one religion's writings can collectively agree on their position. This makes studying angels extensively within one religious context, next to impossible. Studying angels in their role within one particular belief system is more a subset of theology than of angelology. Though the information here can be used in any way, it is not organized to the advantage of theological study. Angelology resources presented on this site are meant to give a holistic view of angels. This means that there are a multitude of cross-references between religions, philosophies & myth. A good example of this can be found when looking through biblical information on angels. The Bible cites the names of a very limited number of angels. Other texts that are JudeoChristian in origin provide more insight on angels, such as The Book of Enoch, a very detailed account on angel relations. It may be fair to say that because the Book of Enoch is not in the Bible, it is not a source of Christian inspiration, but one cannot say that it is less crucial to understanding the nature of angels. On this site, the information within the two would be presented side by side with little emphasis on their religious value & a strong focus on comparing their material about angels.
Also, with angelology it is important to understand the sources of your information. Here at Megadriel we have a large collection of resources but we do screen (or at least specify) those that we feel are less reliable. There is much intended fiction on the subject of angels, which is often mistaken for genuine information. It is important to point out that this has happened throughout the course of history and it is very difficult to know surely how much information we have today that did not arise in fiction, transcription error or selective omittance. The key is to learn as much as you can, and be aware of how the information comes together. You will find several common themes in angelology, these have the best chance of being called 'accurate knowledge'. For instance, it is safe to say that angels have association with wings, as they are almost always represented with them.
For the most part you will find nothing on Megadriel but research we have gathered elsewhere. However, we do have interactive portions of the site with articles which contain visitor opinions. These are represented by the author and not necessarily by Megadriel. We also have featured columns on Megadriel which attempt to break down theories on the role of angels in certain subjects. These often have conclusions by the writer, but they are specified to the columns and should be viewed as separate to the information pages on Megadriel.
We have been lucky enough to receive many open-minded visitors here, and for that we are grateful. But we feel we must say something about the nature of the site in regards to the potential issues people may have with it. Angels are almost always introduced through religion or philosophy, (& likewise, are the ones who introduce it) and because of this people often have a desire to learn more about them, but within the venue that they were introduced. These venues are often too possessive of their attributes. For instance, most will teach that angels originated within their particular religion. The truth is, information on angels is either based on encounters (and the belief that others have seen them), or the information is 'borrowed' from other sources. Many people have a difficult time seeing their previous knowledge on angels compared side by side with contrasting information. Some of these people will lash out for whatever reason expecting to bring some reaction. We do not tolerate it. We reserve the right to hold this site according to our wishes in hopes that it will benefit others. If it does not benefit everyone, so be it. We hope that it serves as a source of inspiration, wisdom & relief from the exhaustive searching that it takes to find information on angels.

With that said, welcome to Megadriel...

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