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Cabiel - A Lunar angel under Gabriel. Cabiel dwells in one of the twenty-eight mansions of the moon.

Cabriel - One of the Regents of the astrological sign Aquarius.
He also stands guard at one of the four cardinal points in Heaven. (one of six)

Cadat - “a most pure angel” invoked in Solomonic magic.

Cadulech - a most holy angel of God invoked in the conjuration of the sword.

Cael - A Regent of the astrological sing Cancer.

Cafon (Zephon)

Cahethel - a prince of the choir of Seraphim.
He is the Regent of Agriculture, and in the cabala, he is often invoked to increase or improve crops. His corresponding angel is Asicat. Cahethil’s sigil will be found in Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique.
He is one of the seventy-two angels of the Shemhamphora.

Cahor - A Fallen angel who was once among the Virtues, now a master of deception. He is a demonic spirit of deceit & possesses those who invoke him. In Apollonius of Tyana, The Nuctemeron, Cahor is described as a genius of the 3rd hour.

Caila - An Angel mentioned in The Greater Key of Solomon as
As one of the angels Invoked to call the Great Archangel Uriel.
It is said that Caila is under Uriel & Michael as an angel of purity.
Caila is “one of the 4 words God spoke with his mouth to his servant Moses,” according to the grimoires. The other 3 words were Josta, Agla, and Ablati.

Caim (Caym, Camio) - A Fallen angel who is now a great President of Hell. He now commands thirty of the Infernal Legions. Before his fall; he was one of the first in the choir of Angels. His seal is figured in Waite, The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts. Luther had a famous encounter with Caim, according to De Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal where (1863 ed.) Caim is pictured as a belted bird.

Caldulech (Caldurech) - “a most pure angel” invoked in ceremonial magic rites.

Caliel (Calliel)

Calizantin - a “good angel” invoked in conjuring rites.

Calliel (Caliel) - An angel of the divine presence.(throne angels)
Serving in the 2nd heaven, he is invoked to bring prompt help against adversity. He is also one of the seventy-two angels of the Shemhamphora. His corresponding angel is Tersatosoa (or Tepisatosoa.) for Calliel’s sigil, see Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique.

Caluel (Calvel) - a Wednesday angel residing in the 2nd or 3rd heaven and invoked from the south. Since his corresponding angel is Tersatosoa, (also corresponding with Calliel) meaning; Caluel may be a variant for Calliel.

Calvel (Caluel)

Calzas - A regent of Tuesday who rules in the Fifth Heaven.
Calzas must be invoked from the east.

Camael (Camiel, Camiul, Chamuel, Kemuel, Khamael, Camniel, Cancel) - (“he who sees God”). Often confused with Samael, though the two are not one in the same. Camael is responsible for diluting Illusion & when invoked he brings the ability to see things for how they really are. Sammael on the other hand, before he fell, was responsible for magic & Illusion. In occult lore, Camael is of the nether regions and ranks as a Count Palatine. (another possible reason the two are equated). Camael is a prince regent of the Powers & one of the great Archangels of the Divine Presence. He is also, along with Michael, a Regent of War & a supreme regent of both the planet Mars & the astrological sign Aries. He almost fell (or was destroyed)when he tried to keep God from giving the law (the Torah) to Moses; (see Kemuel) believing that the people were not ready to receive it. In the Kabbalah; he represents the fifth sephira of the Tree of Life. This sephira is known as 'Severity'. He is also identified with Khemuel, Camuel, & Chamuel. When invoked, he appears in the guise of a leopard crouched on a rock. In the cabala, Camael (Khamael, Kemuel) is one of the 10 (actually 9) archangels of the Briatic world. “It is a name,” says Eliphas Levi in the History of Magic, “which personifies divine justice.” In a footnote to Levi’s book, Waite, the editor, in chapter 10, notes that in Druid mythology, Camael was the god of war. This bears out the frequent citation of Camael in occultism as the ruler of the planet Mars and as among the governing angels of the 7 planets. In the Magus, Camael is one of “seven angels which stand in the presence of God.” A legend speaks of Camael (Kemuel) being in charge of 12,000 angels of destruction. In Clement, Angels in Art, Chamuel is the angel who wrestled with Jacob; (better noted as Uriel) and also as the angel (usually identified as Gabriel) who appeared to Jesus during his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane to strengthen Him.

Camal - ( “to desire God”). the name of one of the archangels in the Kabbalah.

Camaysar - in occultism, the angel “of the marriage of contraries.” He is a genius of the 5th hour.

Cambiel - One of the many regents of the astrological sign Aquarius, (according to Trithemius). When invoked, Cambiel brings the good characteristics of that sign...(Logic, humor, independence...etc.)
He also guards & protects people under that sign, and is a ruler of the ninth hour as well.

Cambill - an angel of the 8th hour of the night serving under Narcorial.

Cameron - A regent of midday & and an angel under Baratiel. (12th hour ). He was once fallen & for a short time was under Beelzebub & Astaroth. He serves in the conjuration of Beelzebuth, as well as in the conjuration of Astaroth.

Camio (Caim)

Camuel (Camael)

Canaloas - “a most holy angel” invoked in magical operations, as noted in Mathers, the Greater Key of Solomon.

Capabile - one of 3 angel messengers of the Sun.

Caphriel - “A strong and powerful angel.” A Regent of Saturday (7th day: Sabbath),& a regent of the planet Saturn (invoked in the conjuration of Saturn).

Capitiel - One of the regents of the Fifth Heaven...
He also works as a scholar in the schools there. He is also said to work in the Fourth Heaven. He is one of the 4th chora or altitude invoked in magical prayer, as set forth in The Almadel of Solomon.

Captians of fear (Angels of Dread)

Captain of the host of the lord - In Joshua 5, the man (i.e. angel) whom Joshua beheld standing over against him with drawn sword and who revealed himself as “the captain of the host of the Lord.” He is usually identified as Michael.

Caracasa - One of the ruling angels of Spring along with the angels Core, Amatiel, and Comissoros.

Caraniel - An angel of the Third Heaven.

Carcas - One of the Angels who rules over Confusion. (one of the 7). Sometimes said to be a fallen angel who creates confusion. Sometimes said to be an angel who brings the absence of confusion. In the legend relating to Ahasuerus, Carcas is the “knocker.”

Cardiel - in ceremonial magic, an angel invoked in special rites, as in the conjuration of the sword.

Cardinal virtues - there are 4 cardinal virtues: justice, prudence, temperance, fortitude. The theological virtues are faith, hope, and charity. These were often personalized as angels and so represented, as in the case of fortitude, in the roundels of Lucca della Robbia in the chapel of Cardinal of Portugal, in the Church of San Miniato al Monte in Florence and reproduced on pg. 114.

Caretaking angels - Temeluch and others. “Infants of untimely birth are delivered over to Care-taking Angels,” according to Clement of Alexandria, Prophetic Eclogues. Methodius in Conviva II, 6 adds that these angels serve also the offspring of adultery.

Carmax - in occultism, a ministering angel to Samax, ruler of the Tuesday angels of the air. Serving with Carmax are 2 other angels: Ismoli and Paffran.

Carniel - An angel who resides in the Third Heaven.

Carnivean (Carniveau) - A fallen angel who at one time was prince to the choir of the Powers.(see Carreau). Carnivean is now a demon, invoked in the litanies of the Witches Sabbaths.

Carreau (Carnivean) - an ex-prince of the order of powers. In Garinet, History of Magic in France, Carreau was one of the devils who possessed the body of Sister Seraphica of Loudun; in the absence of Baruch (another devil so named), Carreau guarded a drop of water that bewitched the sister’s stomach (sic).

Carsiol - One of Anael's assistants... who is also a regent of the second hour of the day.

Casmaron - in occult science, an angel of the air.

Casmiros - an angel of the 11th hour of the night serving under Dardariel.

Cass Cassiah - an angel invoked for the curing of cutaneous disorders.

Cassiel (Casiel, Casziel, Kafziel) - He is the angel of Tears & Solitude. (who “shews forth the unity of the eternal kingdom.”) He was responsible for creating Lilias. (Lilith; Adam's first wife)... Along with the assistance of God as the Shekinah (female aspect of God). (Lilith was half angel- half human). After Lilith's fall from grace he created Sharmiel in her place as his assistant. Her human replacement was "Eve". Cassiel is a great Archangel who is the Supreme Regent of The planet Saturn & of the astrological sign of Capricorn. He is a great Sarim (Ruling prince) of the choir of Powers & he also governs the Seventh Heaven. Sometimes he appears as the angel of temperance. Barrett in The Magus speaks of Cassiel as one of the 3 angels of Saturday, serving with Machtan and Uriel. In the Book of Spirits as well as in The Magus, the sigil of Cassiel is given, along with his signature. In the latter work Cassiel Macoton (so named) is pictured in the form of a bearded jinn, astride a dragon. In Grillot, Picture Museum of Sorcery, Magic and Alchemy, there is a reproduction of a page from the Book of Spirits giving the conjuration of Cassiel.

Cassiel Macoton - Though this name has been used to reference a single angel, according to Barrett, the Magus II, Cassiel and Macoton are 2 separate angels, both doing duty on Saturday

Castiel - a Thursday angel mentioned in occult lore

Casujoiah - One of the Regents of Capricorn under Cassiel.

Catroije - in the Kabbalah, an angel serving in the 2nd heaven.

Causub - a serpent-charming angel. In Apollonius of Tyana, the Nuctemeron, Causub is one of the genii of the 7th hour.

Caym (Caim)

Cazardia - a corruption of Gazardiel.

Cedar - in the Gospel of Bartholomew Cedar is cited as an angel governing the south. In other versions he is called Kerkoutha.

Cedrion - an angel invoked in the conjuration of the Reed, and governing the south.

Celestial hierarchy - based on interpretations of Scriptural passages and as enumerated by St. Ambrose,pseudo-Dionysius, Pope Gregory, and others, the orders or choirs of the celestial hierarchy range from 7 to 10 or 11 in number; they were finally fixed at 9 in triple triads thus: seraphim, cherubim, thrones; dominations (or dominions), powers, virtues; principalities (or princedoms), archangels, angels. The 2nd triad is sometimes given as dominions, virtues, powers. Variants includes orders called hosts, aeons, innocents, confessors, lordships, authorities, warriors, etc. In Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon, conjurations are prescribed for “ten choirs of the Holy Angels,” to wit : (1)chaioth ha-Qadesh (2) auphanim (3)aralim (4) chashmalim (5) seraphim (6) malachim (7) elohim; (8) beni elohim; (9) kerubim (10) ishim; these are the ten mentioned by Maimonides in his Mishna Thora. The Berith Menucha offers a slightly different list of 10: arellim, ishim, bene elohim, mal’achim, chashmallim, tarshishim, shina’nim, kerubim, ophanim, seraphim. After Aquinas “blessed” the Dionysian scheme of 9 choirs in their triple triads, the Church adhered to it. Early Protestants, however, not only disputed it but also rejected it. Some occult works such as Barrett, The Magus, added a fourth triad, making 12 orders. It will be recalled that Dante in his Paradiso, canto 28, calls Pope Gregory to account for “dissenting” from the Dionysian setup. For variant lists, see hierarchy.

Celestial pilot, the - in his poem “the Celestial Pilot,”
Longfellow calls the ferryman of souls “the bird of God.”
The poem derives from Dante's Pilot Angel in Purgatorio II.

Cendrion - in the grimoires, “a holy angel of God” invoked in cabalistic rites.

Cernaiul- One of the angels of the Venus sphere...
She also governs the Seventh sephira of the Tree of Life. (Netzach)

Cerviel (Cervihel, Zereul) - An angel who was with David when he defeated Goliath in the Bible. “And God sent Cervihel, the angel that is over strength to help David slay Goliath,” is the reference in the Biblical Antiquities of Philo. He is also a chief of the choir of Principalities, a post shared with Haniel, Nisroc, and others.

Cetarari (Ctariri, Crarari) - one of the 4 angels of winter.

Chabalym - a seraph or cherub invoked in cabalistic magical rites.

Chabril - an angel of the 2nd hour of the night, under Farris.

Chachmal (Chachmiel) - one of the 70 childbed amulet angels mentioned in the Book of the Angel Raziel.

Chachmiel (Chachmal)

Chadakiel (Hadakiel)

Chafriel - one of the 70 childbed amulet angel.

Chahoel - in the Kabbalah, one of the 72 angels ruling the 72 quinaries of the degrees of the zodiac.

Chaigdiel - in the world of Asaiah, the averse (opposite or left) sephira corresponding to Chochma (wisdom) in the Briatic world.

Chairoum - in the Gospel of Bartholomew, the angel of the north. See Alfatha and Gabriel, both of whom are in the same way certified as angels governing the north. Chairoum is described as holding in his hand “a rod of fire, and restraineth the superfluity of moisture that the earth be not much overwet.”

Chajoth (Hayyoth)

Chalkatoura - one of the 9 angels that “run together throughout the heavenly and earthly places,” according to The Gospel of Bartholomew.

Chalkydri (Kalkydra) - archangels of the flying elements of the sun. Mentioned in Enoch II where they are linked with the phoenixes and placed amidst cherubim and seraphim. The chalkydri are 12 winged. At the rising of the sun they burst into song. Their habitat is the 4th heaven. In Gnostic lore, they are demonic. In Charles, Introduction to Enoch II, the chalkydri are described as monstrous serpents with the heads of crocodiles,”and as “natural products of the Egyptian imagination.”

Chamuel (Kamuel, Haniel, Simiel) - (“he who seeks God”). one of the 7 archangels and chief of the order of dominations; also, with Nisroc and others, chief of the order of powers. Chamuel, like Gabriel, is the angel of Gethsemane: he strengthened Jesus with the assurance of resurrection.

Chamyel - one of the 15 throne angels listed in the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.

Chaniel - one of the 70 childbed amulet angels mentioned in The Book of the Angel Raziel and in Budge, Amulets and Talismans. In Ozar Midrashim II, Chaniel is one of the angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind.

Chantare - in occult lore, the corresponding angel of Hahael.

Charavah (Charbiel)

Charbiel (Charavah) - (Charavah - “dryness). an angel appointed to “draw together and dry up all the waters of the earth.” It was Charbiel who dried up the waters after the Flood. He is mentioned in the Baraita de Ma’ase Bereshith and in The Book of the Angel Raziel.

Charby - angel of the 5th hour serving under Abasdarhon.

Charciel (Charsiel) - in de Abano, the Heptameron, an angel resident in the 4th heaven. He rules on lord's day (Sunday) and is invoked from the south.

Chardiel - in Waite, The Lemegeton, an angel of the 2nd hour of the day serving under Anael.

Chardros - an angel of the 11th hour of the day, serving under Bariel.

Chariots - the angelic hosts, as in Psalms 68:17: “The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels; the lord is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy place.”

Chariots of God - the holy wheels (ophanim). Milton identified this class of angels with the cherubim and seraphim; they were so grouped by the Talmudists. Scholem, The Zohar, declares that the patriarchs were made “a holy chariot of God.”

Charis - ("grace"). in Gnosticism, one of the great luminaries emanated from the divine will.

Charman - an angel of the 11th hour of the night, serving under Dardariel.

Charmeas - an angel of the 1st hour of the day, serving under Samael.

Charms - an angel of the 9th hour of the day serving under Vadriel.

Charnij - an angel of the 10th hour of the day, serving under Oriel.

Charouth - one of the 9 angels that “run together throughout the heavenly and earthly places.”

Charpon - a ruling angel of the 1st hour of the day, serving under Samael.

Charsiel (Charciel)

Charuch - an angel of the 6th hour of the day, serving under Samil.

Chasan - in Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon, an angel of the air, his name is inscribed on the 7th pentacle of the sun.

Chasdiel - in apocalyptic lore, a name for Metatron “when Metatron does kindness to the world.”

Chaskiel - one of the 70 childbed amulet angels.

Chasmal (Hashmal)

Chasmodai - according to Paracelsus in his doctrine of Talismans, Chasmodai is the spirit of the moon, of which “planet it is said that the governing intelligence is Malach Be.

Chassiel - one of the intelligences of the sun, as recorded in the Secret Grimoire of Turiel.

Chastiser, The - Kolazonta, the destroying angel, so named in the incident involving Aaron, described in Reider, The Book of Wisdom.

Chaumel - one of the 72 angels ruling the 72 quinaries of the degrees of the zodiac.

Chavakiah - in Barrett, the Magus II, one of the 72 angels bearing the name of God Shemhamphorae.

Chaya - sing. For Hayyoth.

Chaylim - in 3 Enoch, the chaylim are “armies of angels ruled over and led by Chayyliel.”

Chaylon - a cherub or seraph invoked in ritual magic.

Chayo - a throne angel invoked in magical conjurations.
One of 15 such angels listed in the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.

Chayoh (Hayyoth)

Chayyliel H (Chayyiel, Hayyiel, Hayyal, Haileal) - Ruling prince of the chayyoth or hayyoth (the divine beasts),which have been equated as the cherubim. Before Chayyliel "all the children of heaven do tremble." He is also said to be able to "swallow the whole earth in one moment, in a mouthful." He is a Merkabah angel who is said to flog with lashes of fire, those ministering angels who fail to chant the trisagion at the right time. (Enoch 3)

Chayyoth (Hayyoth)

Chebo - one of the 72 angels ruling the 72 quinaries of the zodiac.

Chedustaniel (Chedusitanick) - a Friday angel resident in the 3rd heaven, invoked from the east. Chedustaniel is also one of the angelic spirits of the planet Jupiter.

Chemos - equated with Peor and Nisroc. To Milton in Paradise Lost I, 302, 406, Chemos is a fallen angel.

Cheratiel - an angel of the 6th hour of the night, serving under Zaazonash.

Cheriour - a “terrible angel”charged with punishment of crime and the pursuit of criminals.

Chermes - angel of the 9th hour of the night, serving under Nacoriel.

Chermiel - a Friday angel of the 3rd heaven invoked from the south.

Cherub - (sing. for cherubim). In the cabala, a cherub is an angel of air. Also known as he "who has made the Guardian of the Terrestrial paradise, with a sword of flame." "The first angel who sinned is called, not a seraph, but a cherub." quoted Aquinas. (referring to Lucifer) In the Zohar, "cherub" is the name of the angel who is chief of the Cherubim. In Ezekiel, (28:14-15) God recalls to the Prince of Tyre that he was the "anointed cherub" and was perfect in his ways "till iniquity was found" in him. (almost a reflection of Lucifer or Nebuchadnezzar).

Cherubiel (Kerubiel) - eponymous chief of the order of the cherubim. See Gabriel, who is also regarded as chief of the cherubim.

Cherubim (Kerubim) - The original name(of Akkadian/Assyrian origin) is "karibu", and means:
"one who prays" or "one who intercedes", although Dionysus claimed that the word meant "knowledge."
In ancient Assyrian art, the cherubim were pictured as huge winged creatures with leonine or human faces,
bodies of bulls or sphinxes, eagles etc., and were placed at the entrances of palaces or temples as guardian spirits.
In early Canaanitish lore, the Cherubim the cherubim were not conceived of as angels...
In Salkeld, A Treatise of angels, Theodorus, Bishop of Heracleaa was quoted: "these cherubims not to be any angelical powers,
but rather some horrible visions of beasts which might terrify Adam from the entrance of paradise."
The notion of winged, multiple-headed beasts serving as guardians of temples and palaces must have been general in many near-Eastern countries, for in addition to appearing in Assyrian-Chaldean-Babylonian art and writings.
Later they came to represent the more gentle heavenly spirits they are viewed as today.
They are the first angels to be mentioned in the Old testament: (Genesis 3:22),
where they guarded the tree of life in Eden with a flaming sword.
A story which is quite familiar to the Canaanite legends of Cherubim guarding paradise from Adam.
In Exodus 25:18, two cherubim of gold are mentioned as guarding, on either side, the ark of the covenant. In Ezekiel 10:14, four cherubim; each with 4 faces and 4 wings, appear at river Chebar where Ezekiel sees them. In I Kings (6:23), 2 cherubim are carved to guard the temple of solomon. Among other descriptions, they are known to be more extensions used by God than actual beings. They are said to make up the chariots in heaven, and to form or sometimes just bear up God's throne. They are also often seen as the power behind the winds. In Revelation 4:8, they are, divine beasts, each with 6 wings and covered in eyes, who render ceaseless praise to the maker. John of Damascus also claimed that the cherubim were endowed with many eyes. They are equated with the Ophanim (wheels or chariots) or the hayyoth (divine beasts). They are said to reside in the sixth and seventh heaven. Most commonly they are ranked as the 2nd in the 9-choir hierarchy. They are also considered guardians, or steerers of the stars, and in Muslim tradition, they were created by springing forth from the tears of the angel Michael. They have also been called: "The helmed cherubim", "The Black cherubim", and "The One-eyed cherubim" It is Cherubim who will sound the four trumpets heralding the apocalypse. As keepers of light, glory, and keepers of the celestial records, the cherubim excel in knowledge.

Chesed - (mercy,”goodness). the 4th sephira.

Chesetial - one of the governing angels of the zodiac.

Chieftains - in the Kabbalah, a term designating the celestial prince-guardians assigned to various nations of the earth. There were 70 of these tutelary spirits, according to the Zohar.

Children of heaven - in Enoch I, the children of heaven are “the sons of the holy angels who fell and violated women.”

Chirangiyah (Parasurama)

Chismael - a spirit of Jupiter, of which planet Zophiel is the presiding intelligence.

Chiva (Hayyoth)

Chnum (Anmael)

Chobaliel - according to Voltaire in his “Of Angels, Genii and Devils,” Chabaliel is one of the fallen angels in the Enoch listings.

Choch(k)ma (Hokhmah) - Meaning "wisdom", it is the 2nd holy sephiroth in the tree of life. It is equated with the angel Raziel. According to Mather's "the Kabbala Unveiled," Chochma is the first of God's creations. (equating it with Shekinah/Pistis Sophia, which also means "wisdom") and the only one of the supernal abstractions which seems to have reached actual personification or materialization.

Chochmael (Hochmael) - in Levi, Transcendental Magic, an angel of the sefiroth invoked in conjuration rites.

Choesed (Hoesediel)

Chofniel - Chief of the angelic order of "Bene Elohim" (children of god), as listed in the Midrash, Bereshith Menucha.

Choriel - Angel of the 8th hour.
He serves under Oscaebial in the 3rd heaven.

Chorob - An angel who serves Oriel.
He rules the 10th hour of the day.

Chosniel - (“The covering God”). in Mosaic incantation rites, an angel invoked for the conferring of good memory and an open heart.

Chrail (Chriel) - an angel in Mandaean lore.

Chromme - corresponding angel of Nanael.

Chrymos - an angel of the 5th hour of the night serving under Abasdarhon.

Chuabotheij - in the Kabbalah, an angel of the Seal.

Chur (Churdad) - in ancient Persian mythology, the angel in charge of the disk of the sun.

Chuscha - one of 15 throne angels listed in The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.

Chushiel - one of numerous angelic guards of the gates of the South Wind.

Chutriel - presiding angel of the Mire of Clay, which is 5th of the 7 lodges of Hell (Arka).

Cochabiel (Coahabiath) - spirit of the planet Mercury, in cabala; derived from Babylonian religious lore. In Mosaic lore, and according to Cornelius Agrippa in Three Books of Occult Philosophy III, Cochabiel is one of 7 princes “who stand continually before God and to whom are given the spirit names of the planets.”

Cogediel - one of the 28 angels ruling the 28 mansions of the moon.

Cohabiting glory - a title given the Shekinah by Waite, The Secret Doctrine in Israel, in designating her as “the guide of man on earth and the womanhood which is part of him.”

Colopatiron - in Apollonius of Tyana, The Nuctemeron, a genius (spirit) who sets prisons open; also one of the genii of the 9th hour.

Comadiel - an angel of the 3rd hour of the day, serving under Veguaniel.

Comary - an angel of the 9th hour of the night, serving under Nacoriel.

Comato(s) - in Gollancz, Clavicula Salomonis, an angel invoked in the exorcism of Wax.

Comforter - “the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name.”

Commissoros - one of the 4 angels of the Spring.

Conamas - in occult magical operations, an angel invoked in the exorcism of Wax.

Confessors - one of 12 (sic) orders of the Celestial Hierarchy as enumerated in Heywood, The Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels. The chief of the order of confessors is the angel Barakiel.

Coniel - in the cabala, a Friday angel resident in the 3rd heaven. He is invoked from the west. In The Secret Grimoire of Turiel, Coniel is listed among the messengers of the planet Jupiter.

Contemplation - a cherub (so named) in Milton’s Il Penseroso.

Cophi - in occult lore, an angel invoked in the exorcism of Wax.

Corabael - a Monday angel residing in the 1st heaven and invoked from the west.

Corael - an angel petitioned in magical prayer for the fulfillment of the invocant’s desires. Corael is invoked along with the angels Setchiel and Chedustaniel in the Secret Grimoire of Turiel.

Corat - a Friday angel of the air resident in the 3rd Heaven and invoked from the east.

Core - one of the 4 angels of the Spring. Core is mentioned as a governing spirit of this season in Barrett, The Magus and de Abano, The Heptameron.

Coriel - an angel of the 7th hour of the night, serving under Metatron.

Corinne - a female angel (fictional) in Jonathan Daniels, Clash of Angels.

Corobael (Corabael)

Cosel - an angel of the 1st hour of the night, serving under Gamiel.

Cosmagogi - in the Chaldean cosmological scheme, the 3 intellectual angelic guides of the universe.

Cosmiel - the genius who accompanied the 17th century Jesuit Athanasius Kircher on his visits to various planets. Kircher tells of this “ecstatic voyage” in his Oedipus Egyptiacus.

Cosmocrator - in Valentinian gnosticism, Cosmocrator is ruler of the material cosmos in the guise of Diabolos (the devil). His consort is Barbelo and together “they sing praises to the Powers of Light,” which would indicate that Cosmocrator is not wholly evil.

Covering cherub - the covering cherub was, according to Blake, “Lucifer in his former glory.”

Craosche (Sraosha)

Cripon - “a holy angel of God,” invoked in magical rites, specifically in the conjuration of the Reed.

Crocell (Crokel, Procel, Pucel, Pocel) - once of the order of potestates (i.e. powers), now a great duke in Hell commanding 48 legions of infernal spirits. Crocell confided to Solomon that he expects to return to his former throne (in heaven). Meantime he teaches geometry and the liberal arts. May be the same as Procel, in which case his sigil is shown in Waite, The Book of Ceremonial Magick.

Crociel - an angel of the 7th hour of the day, serving under Barginiel.

Crowned seraph - the devil, 6 winged, is pictured as a crowned seraph in his capacity of tempter in Eden. According to Fabricius, the Devil (Lucifer) could be distinguished from all seraphs by his crown, worn by virtue of his office of light-bearer.

Crucial - an angel of the 3rd hour of the night, serving under Sarquamich.

Ctarari - one of the 2 angels of Winter, the other angel being Amabael.

Cukbiel - an angel invoked in Syrian invocation rites, as described in The Book of Protection and in Budge, Amulets and Talismans. Cukbiel figures in the “Binding of the Tongue of the Ruler,” a special binding spell.

Cuniali - the genius (spirit) of association and one of the governing genii of the 8th hour.

Cupra - one of the Novensiles. Cupra is the personification of light.

Curaniel - an angel of Monday, resident of the 1st Heaven, invoked from the south.

Cureton - “a holy angel of God” invoked in black magical conjurations, as described in the grimoires.

Curson (Purson)

Cynabal - a minister-angel serving under Varcan (king of the air ruling on the Lord’s Day).

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