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Daath (Haath) - ["knowledge"]. In the Kabbalistic system of divine emanantions, [See: Sephiroth], Daath combines the 2nd and 3rd Sephiroth. The term Daath (a variant to Haath) means knowledge, but the compound of the word means "abyss" or "dark waters". Associated with Daath is Haalath (Daalath) which is the crossing path on the Tree of Life. Daalath means in comparison "bridge over the abyss". These two as entities (Daath & Haalath) have been considered to be twin spirits, and possibly even the Qaddisn. [See: Qaddisn].

Dabariel - variant for Radueriel.

Dabria - One of the "5 men" (angels) who transcribed the 204 (sometimes cited as 94) books dictated by Ezra. The other 4 heavenly scribes were: Ecanus, Sarea, Selemiah (Seleucia), & Asiel.

Dabriel - The great heavenly scribe equated with both Vretil & Radueriel, and is the Persian personification of that entity. Dabriel is also a Monday angel said to reside in the 1st Heaven & is associated with one of the Qaddisin. He is invoked from the north.

Daden - In Gnosticism, a great celestial power dwelling in the 6th Heaven. Originally a minor Egyptian deity.

Daemon (demon) - One of the 2 sets of watchers or guardian angels, according to Hesiod's "Works & Days". Also considered to be "spirits of the men of the golden age." In Greek lore, (& etymology) "daemons" were benevolent spirits, familiar, or angels. The word represented an "unseen servant", some were malicious, others mild. Socrates had his daemon, an attending spirit. The word was adopted for "demon", as demons are considered to be the "unseen servants" of evil, chaos or a devil. [See: demon] In Mead, an invocation to Hermes is addressed to: "the Good Daimon Sire of all things good, and nurse of the whole world", where "daimon", as Mead suggests, stands for the "father-mother of the universe."

Daeva (Deva) - In early Persian mythology, the daevas were evil spirits created by Ahriman; but in Hinduism they were divine & benevolent spirits. In theosophy they constitute "one of the ranks or orders of spirits who compose the hierarchy which rules the universe under a deity." [See: Deva]

Daghiel - [Dagiel]

Dagiel (Daghiel, Daiel, Dagon) - An angel, whose dominion is over fish. In such, he assists fishermen in locating spots with abundant fish & in protection of fish from disease & disaster during the fishing season. In myth, he is responsible for the "wishing fish", or, those large fish in lore which can predict the future or otherwise grant wishes to lucky captors. According to Barret, "The Magus", Dagiel is invoked in Friday conjuration rites. He is addressed, in such rites as: "great angel, strong and powerful prince," and is supplicated in the name of the "star" Venus. Equated with the Pheonician Dagon.

Dagon - A national God of the Pheonicians, represented with the face and hands of a man and the body of a fish. His was the first depiction of a "merman". He is equated with Dagiel & the dominion over fish and sea life. He is also associated with Triton in Pantheon associations. In Paradise Lost I, he is a fallen angel.

Dagymiel - A governing angel of the zodiac.

Dahak - [Ahriman]. The Satan of Persia.

Dahariel (Dariel) - In "Pirke Hechaloth", a guard of the 1st Heaven's gates. He is in the order of the Shinanim. In "Hechaloth Rabbati", Dahariel is a guard of the 5th Heaven's gates.

Dahavauron - Prince of the face & one of the angelic guards of the 3rd Heaven.

Dahaviel (Kahaviel) - One of the 7 guards of the first Heaven.

Dahnay - One of the "Holy angels of God" who, nevertheless, may be invoked in black magic conjurations, as prescribed in grimoires such as Waite's "The Book of Black magic and of Pacts".

Dai (Dey) - In the "Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses", an angel in the order of powers. In ancient Persian lore, Dai was the ruling angel over December.

Daiel - [Dagiel]

Daimon - [Daemon]

Daksha - One of the 7 "shining Gods" of the Vedic pantheon. [See: Adityas]

Dalkiel - An angel of Hell and supposed ruler of the pit at Sheol. Equated with Rugziel. In "Baraita de Massachet Gehinnom", Dalkiel operates in the 7th compartment of the underworld. There he "punishes 10 nations," and serves under the orders of Dumah; the angel of the stillness of death (rigor mortis). Cited often by Joseph Ben Abraham (1248 - 1305).

Dalmai (Dalmaii, Dalmay, Damlay) - In occultism, "a holy angel of God" invoked in the exorcism of fire.

Dalquiel - In the Kabbalah, one of the 3 princes of the 3rd Heaven, the other 2 being Jabniel and Rabacyal. All 3 rule over fire, under the ethnarchy of Anahel. Dalquiel's special aide is the angel called Oul.

Damabiah - In the order of angels, with dominion over naval construction. Damabiah is one of the 72 angels bearing the name of God Shemhamphorae. His corresponding angel is Ptebiou. His sigil is found in Ambelain, "La Kabbale Pratique".

Damabiath - An angel of the order of powers, invoked in Kabbalistic rites. He manifests in the form of a beautiful mortal via the 5th seal.

Damael - A Tuesday angel who resides in the 5th Heaven. He is invoked from the East.

Dameb'el - One of the 72 angels over the quinaries of the zodiac, according to Runes, "The Wisdom of the Kabbalah".

Damiel - An angel of the 5th hour of the day. Serves under the command of Sazquiel. Also supposed angel of the 9th hour serving under the rulership of Vadriel. Damiel is invoked in the conjuration of the sword.

Damlay - [Dalmai]

Daniel - ("Judgment of God") An angel of the order of principalities. Daniel is a high holy angel & one of the 72 angels who bear the name of God Shemhamphorae. Associated with Danjal, one of the troop of fallen in Enoch I. Daniel is a well known angel, his full page can be found here.

Danjal - One of the fallen Grigori who cohabited with mortals & taught men the forbidden secrets of Heaven. Danjal was responsible, in lore, for passing on secrets of deceit through miscommunication. In the lower regions, he has authority over lawyers. His sigil.

Dara - In Persian myth, Dara is an angel of rains & rivers.

Darbiel - An angel of the 10th hour of the day. Serves under Oriel in the fifth Heaven.

Dardael - [Dardiel]

Darda'il - In Arabic lore, a guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism to protect the victim from harm during the procedure.
Dardariel - Chief of the 11th hour of the night.

Dardiel (Dardael) - One of 3 angels over the Lord's day. The other two angels are Michael & Hurtapel.

Daresiel - An angel of the 1st hour of the day. Serves now under Samael.

Dargitael - In "Ma'asseh Merkabah", he is an angelic guard of the 5th Heavenly hall in Araboth.

Dariel - [Dahariel]

Dark Angel, The - Uriel. The walking angel / man / God who wrestled with Jacob at Peniel. (Genesis 32:30) Variously given as Michael, Metatron & the holy ghost himself. The angel "came down to make my dwelling among men", and gave no name, but repeated Jacobs name and renamed him "Isreal" as a blessing. [See: encounters :: Jacob] Samael is also called the "dark angel".

Darkiel - One of numerous angelic guards of the gates of the South wind.

Darmosiel - An angel of the 12th hour of night, serving under Sarindiel.

Darquiel - An angel over Monday. Resident of the 1st Heaven. Associated with Gabriel & invoked from the South.

Daryoel - Variant name for Radueriel.

Dasim - One of the five sons of the Muslim Iblis. Dasim is a demon of discord. His brothers are: Awar: demon of lubricity; Sut: demon of lies; Tir: demon of fatal accidents; and Zalambur: demon of mercantile dishonesty.

Daveithe - In Gnosticism, one of the 4 great luminaries that surround the Self-Begotten.

David - One of the 7 archons in classic Gnosticism.

Days - An order of angels who guard small children. In the view of Theodotus, angels are called "days".

Dealzhat - According to Moziac Kabbalistic lore, a secret name of God. Dealzhat is known as the great luminary whom Joshua invoked (along with the name Baahando) to cause the sun to stand still - an incident related in Joshua 10:12-13.

Degaliel - An angel who resides in the 1st Heaven, in the sphere of Venus. His name found inscribed on the 3rd pentacle of the planet in "The Greater Key of Solomon."

Degalim - An angelic suborder of all song-uttering choirs. They are led under the cheif Tagas, who is the son of Israfel.

Deharhiel - In "Ma'asseh Merkabah", an angelic guard of the 5th Heavenly hall in Araboth.

Deheborym - In the Pirke Hechaloth, an angelic guard of the 1st Heaven's gates.

Deliel - One of the angels of the 4th chora or altitude invoked in magical prayer, as set forth in "The Almadel of Solomon". Agrippa cites Deliel as a governing angel of the zodiac.

Delukiel - One of the guards in the 7th Heaven's (Araboth's) gates.

Demiurge (Demiourgos, Aariel, Ialdabaoth) - The greatest archon (ruler) in classic Gnosticism. The creator of the physical universe which enslaves the divine spark. Called "an angel like God" & identified as the God of the Jews. The Demiurge has always been identified with Mithras. It's first name cited was Aariel (a variant of Ariel), later it was called Ialdabaoth. Called "The architect of the Universe", as according to the Gnostic theology it was the Demiurge, not God, who formed the world, at the instance of En Soph, the Unknowable. In the Westcott's Kabbalistic lore, the Greek form of Demiourgos is Metatron. The Demiurge is covered under Ariel in the well known pages.

Demon - [Daemon]

Demoniarch - A title for Satan.

Deputies - In Voltaire's "Of Angels, Genii, and Devils", an order of angels, "one of 10 classes in Talmud and Targum."

Deputy Angels - In Jewish magic, the Deputy angels are the Menunim, a class of spirits who appear to do the invocants bidding when properly invoked. Usually they are regarded as evil, but Eleazar of Worms (13th century sage), insists they are holy angels.

Deramiel - An angel who resides in the 3rd Heaven. Cited in the "Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses". Deramiel serves under Michael, and as such has wings "resembling a peacock".

Derdekea - A heavenly female power who descends to Earth for the salvation of man. In the gnostic "Paraphrase of Shem", Derdekea is referred to as "the supreme mother". She is considered an Event One. Equated with Drop.

Destroying Angel - The Angel of Destruction is Abaddon, Apollyon in Greek, which simply means: "destroyer". The Destroying Angel, on the contrary, is a term for the angel of Death, Uriel, who is said to be the primary angel of wrath & great change. David met and appeased this Destroying angel at Mt. Moriah. In the "Book of Wisdom", the destroying angel is Kolazonta, the "chastiser." The Danites, a christian band organized for secret assassination, were called the "Destroying Angels." They were incorrectly associated with the Mormon church. The Demiurge, as Aariel is also associated as the "angel of creation and destruction", and as Ialdaboath, is called "The destroying angel."

Destroying Angel of the Apocalypse - Abaddon or Apollyon, who is called: "The chief of the demons of the 7th dynasty." Although Abaddon is usually considered to be the divine but apathetic angel "with the key to the abyss" in Revelations, associating him with Uriel, who also holds this title.

Devatas - In Vedic lore, the Devatas are analogous to the Judeo-Christian angels. The term is often used interchangeably with the Suryas.

, The Devil- [Satan]

Dey (Deh) - [Dai]

Diabolus (Diabolos) - sometimes equated with Asteroth. Diabolus is more commonly Satan, as it is just a variant of 'The Devil'. His aides in the war against Shaddai (God) include Apollyon, Python, Cerberus, Legion, Lucifer and other "diabolonians."

Dibburiel - variant form of Radueriel.

Dadnaor - An angel mentioned in "The Sefer Raziel", (Book of the Angel Raziel).

Dina - A guardian angel of the Law (The Torah) & of wisdom. Dina is also equated as Yefefiah and Iofiel on occasion. He is credited with having taught 70 languages to souls at the time of Creation. He dwells in Araboth, near to the presence of God.

Diniel - An angel invoked in Syriac incantation rites. Diniel is also cited as one of the 70 childbed amulet angels. In "The Book of Protection" he is grouped with Michael, Prukiel, Zadikiel, and other "spellbinding angels" in the "binding (of) the tongue of the ruler."

Dirachiel - One of the 28 angels ruling in the 28 mansions of the moon. As such he is under Gabriel. Cited in "The Magus" as evil and an "extra" among the 7 electors in Hell.

Dirael - In "Ma'asseh Merkabah", an angelic guard of the 6th heavenly hall in Araboth.

Divine Beasts - The holy Hayyoth. The cherubim with animal form who stand in the presence and escort the saints through Araboth.

Divine Wisdom - In the Kabbalah, it is called Chokmah and is the 2nd holy sephiroth, personified by the Angel Raziel. Also associated with The Shekinah or Pistis Sophia (female aspect of God), who are called "The Wisdom."

Djibril (Jibril, Jibriel) - Islamic version of Gabriel. Called, in the Koran, "a faithful spirit", he gave to Mohammed the context of Islamic religion in a single night, as well as a tour of Heaven. He is covered under Gabriel's well known page.

Dobiel - [Dubbiel]

Dodekas - In Valentinian Gnosticism, divine powers operating under the rule of Ogdoas.

Dohel - [Boel]

Dokiel - ("The dust weighing god"). So called because he weighs men (dust) at judgement. He is also called simply, "the weighing angel" as "the archangel who is like the sun, holding the balance in his hand." The name is derived from Issiah 40:15: "by the dust in the balance."

Domedon (Domedon-Doxomedon) - Described as "the aeon of aeons." and one of the Ogdoas.

Domiel (Dumiel, Dumael, Abir Gahidriom) - In Merkabah mysticism, a guardian angel of the 6th hall in Araboth. Domiel is an archon, "prince of majesty, fear and trembling." He is also a ruler of the 4 elements, as such he is chief of the Af, or elemental angels.
He is mistakenly associated with Duma.

Dominations (Dominions, lords, lordships) - In the Dionysian scheme, the dominations rank 4th in the celestial hierarchy and are led by Zadkiel. In Hebrew lore they are the Hashmallim, wherein the chief of the order is Hashmal or Nathaniel. Says Dionysius: "they regulate angels' duties and are perpetually aspiring to true lordship; through them the majesty of God is manifested." In horoscopy, the order is led by Pi-Zues (an alternate name for Nathaniel). In the "Book of Enoch", the lordships are given in lieu of the dominions as a suborder within the choir (Lead by Zadkiel; under Nathaniel). They hold emblems of authority; scepters, orbs etc., and are said to give out the crowns (halos) to the heavenly host which denote their rank.

Dominion - The name of "the eldest angel" according to Philo.

Domos - An angel invoked in magical operations; also one of the 12 names for the evil eye. A variation of Domol.

Donachiel - In occult lore, an angel invoked to command demons.

Donahan - In the Kabbalah, an archangel summoned in magical rites.

Donel - One of the numerous angelic guards of the gates of the South Wind.

Doniel - One of the 72 angel rulers of the zodiac.

Donquel - A prince angel of love invoked to procure the woman of an invocant's desire.

Doremiel (Doramael, Doramiel) - A friday angel invoked from the North.

Dormiel (Dorimiel) - One of the numerous angelic guards over the East Wind.

Doucheil - An angel in Mandean lore.

Douth - One of the 9 angels that "run together throughout the heavenly and earthly places," as recorded in "The Gospel of Bartholomew," where the names of the 9 angels are revealed by Beliar to Bartholomew.

Doxomedon - One of the great luminaries cited in the gnostic "Revelations of Zostrian."

Dracon - An angel of the 6th hour of the night, serving under Zaazonash.

Dragon - In Revelation 12:9, Satan is termed; "the great dragon... that old serpent" who was "cast out into the Earth," along with the angels who followed him. In Psalms 91:13, "the saints shall trample the dragon under their feet." St. Michael is usually represented as the slayer of the Dragon. He is thus the forerunner of St. George. In classical legend, the dragon guarded the golden apples in the garden of Hesperides. In Gnosticism, dragon is a term for the angel of dawn, equating him with Lucifer. (See: Lucifer's well known page).

Dramazod - An angel of the 6th hour of night, serving under Zaazonash.

Dramozin - An angel of the 8th hour of night, serving under Narcoriel.

Drelmeth - An angel of the 3rd hour of day, serving under Veguaniel.

Drial - One of the angelic guards stationed at the 5th Heaven's gates.

Drop - In the gnostic "Berlin Codex," a female power who descends from Heaven to Earth as the salvation of mankind. Equated with Derdekea.

Drsmiel - An evil angel, one of the "nomina barbara," summoned in conjuration rites for seperating a husband from his wife.

Dubbiel (Dubiel, Dobiel) - ["Bear God"]. A guardian angel of Persia and one of the special accusers of Israel. It is rumored that Dubbiel once officiated in Heaven for 21 days as proxy for the latter (over whom Dubbiel scored a victory) was in temporary disgrace. In the light of the legend that all 72 tutelary angels of nations (with the exception of Michael: the incorruptible) became corrupted through national bias, Dubbiel must be regarded corrupt and an evil angel, a demon.

Duchiel - An angel invoked in Solomonic magic for commanding demons.

Duhael - An angel of non-Hebraic origin. (probably Persian).

Duma (Dumah, Douma) - ["silence"]. The angel of silence and of the stillness of death (rigor mortis). Duma is also the tutelary angel of Egypt, a prince of Hell, and an angel of vindication. "The Zohar" speaks of him as having "tens of thousands of angels of destruction" under him, and as being "cheif of demons in Gehinnom [Hell] with12,000 myriads of attendants, all charged with the punishment of the souls of the sinners." In the Babylonian legend of the decent of Ishtar into Hades, Duma shows up as the guardian of the 14th gate. Duma is a popular figure in Yiddish folklore. I.B. Singer's "Short Friday (1964)," a collection of stories, mentions Dumah as a "thousand-eyed angel of death, armed with a fiery rod or flaming sword."

Dumariel - An angel of the 11th hour of night, serving under Dardariel.

Dumiel - [Domiel]

Dunahel - [Alimiel]

Dunamis - [Dynamis]

Durba'il - In Arabic lore, a guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism.

Duvdeviyah - One of the many names of the angel Metatron.

Dynamis (Dunamis) - Consort of Michael. One of the 7 aeons who, as is said of Pistis sophia, procreated the superior angels. In gnosticism, Dynamis is contrastingly male, as the cheif male personification of power, whereas Pistis Sophia is chief female personification of wisdom. [Cf. Mathew 26:64: "hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power."] In Hechaloth lore, according to Scholem in "Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism, and Talmudic Tradition," Dynamis is a secret name of Metatron. Dynamis is also equated with Mights.

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