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Gaap (Tap) - Once of the order of potentates (powers), now a fallen angel, Gaap serves, in Hell, as a "great president and mighty prince." He is called the "lord of disease", and is known to have power over all physical afflictions. As king of the South, he rules 66 legions of infernal spirits. His sigil (as reproduced in "The Book of Black Magic and Pacts." Gaap is described in De Plancy, "Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863, in the form of a human being with huge bats wings.

Gabamiah - In Solomonic Goetic rites, a great angel invoked by the use of the incantatory power of the name of the angel Uriel. He serves under both Uriel and Azrael (one could assume as an angel of death or change).

Gabriel - ["The Strong God", "God is my strength"]. Gabriel is a well known angel. A detailed page dedicated to him can be found here.

Gabuthelon - ["The Strong shall inherit"]. An angel whose name was revealed to Esdras as among the 9 who would govern "at the end of the world." Apart from Gabuthelon, the others are: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Aker (Ariel?), Raphael, Arphugitonos, Beburos, & Zebuleon.

Gadal - An angel invoked in magical rites, according to Waite, "The Book of Ceremonial Magic", p. 155.

Gadamel - (Hagiel)

Gader - In the Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guardian stationed at the 4th Heavenly Hall in Araboth.

Gadiel (Gadreel, Gardriel, Gadriel) - A "most holy angel" invoked in Goetic operations, as directed in Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon. Gadiel is a resident of the 5th Heaven. In the Ozar Midrashim II, 316, Gadiel is one of numerous angelic guards of the gates of the South Wind. The fact that Gadiel's name is found inscribed on an oriental charm (kamea) suggests that he must have been regarded as a power against evil. Often equated with Gadreel, Gadriel & Gardriel: the rebirthed angel.

Gadreel - ["Lord who assists" (Aramaic)]. One of the fallen angels in Enoch lore. It was Gadreel who, being a minister to the devil, led Eve to temptation in the guise of the serpent. Gadreel took the form of a serpent during the Great War, where he fought with the angels of darkness under Lucifer as his "highest ministering angel." Like Azazel, Gadreel made men familiar with weapons of war and taught them all manner of killing before the flood had him bound with the other Watchers. The IV Book of Maccabees refers to the seduction of Eve, but speaks of her as protesting that "no false beguiling serpent" sullied "the purity of my maidenhood." Gadreel is not mentioned by name in this source, but is believed to be the serpent which Eve is speaking of.

Gadriel - Cheif ruling angel of the 5th Heaven in charge of wars among the nations. When a prayer ascends to Heaven, Gadriel crowns it, then accompanies it into the 6th Heaven, according to the Zohar. Sandalphon, with whom Gadriel is associated, is another great angel who crowns prayers for transmission - not, however, from heaven to heaven, but direct from man to God.

Ga'ga - In the Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed in the 7th Heavenly Hall in Araboth.

Gaghiel - An angelic guard of the 6th Heaven.

Galdel - A Tuesday angel. Also a resident of the 5th Heaven. Galdel is invoked from the South.

Galearii - ["army servants"]. According to Jewish lore, the Galearii are angelic soldiers of the lowest rank in Heaven's armies. They are said to have been created only for the Great War. They are under Michael's rule.

Gale Raziya - One of the many names of the angel Metatron.

Galgaliel (Galgliel) - With Raphael, Galgaliel serves as a chief angel of the sun. (Is said to be directly under Raphael in this function). He is also credited with being the angel governing the wheel of the sun, and as the eponymous head of the order of Galgallim.

Galgallim (Galgalim) - ["spheres"]. A superior order of angels of a rank equal to the seraphim. The galgallim are called "the wheels of the Merkabah" (i.e. "chariots of God") and are equated with the Ophanim. There are 8 ruling angels in the order, with Galgaliel as ruling prince and Rikbiel as chief (second in command). The Galgallim share with the other Merkabah angels in the performance of The Celestial Song.

Galgliel - (Galgaliel)

Galiel - One of the many names of the angel Metatron.

Galizur (Gallitzur, Gallizur, Raziel, Raguil, Akrasiel) - ["revealer of the rock"]. One of the great angels of Talmudic lore whom Moses encountered in Heaven, as related by Simon ben Lakish. It was Galizur, "surnamed Raziel," who is reputed to have given Adam the Sefer Raziel. He is a ruling prince of the 2nd Heaven and an expounder of the Torah's divine wisdom. "He spreads his wings over the hayyoth lest their fiery breath consume the ministering angels." (The Hayyoth are the holy beasts who "uphold the universe.")

Gallizur - (Galizur)

Galmon - In the Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed in the 4th heavenly hall of Araboth.

Gamaliel - ["God of recompense", "God's reward"]. In the Kabbalah and Gnostic writings, one of the great luminaries or aeons, a beneficent spirit associated with Gabriel. (Said to work under him). Also associated with Abraxas, Mikhar, and Samlo. However, Levi in his Philosophie Occulte rates Gamaliel as evil, "an adversary of the cherubim" serving under Lilith (who is the demon debauchery). In Revelation of Adam to His Son Seth (a Coptic apocalypse), Gamaliel is one of the high, holy, celestial powers whose mission is "to draw the elect up to Heaven."

Gambiel - ruler of the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, as cited in Camfield, A Theological Discourse of Angels. He is mentioned also in The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses as a zodiacal angel.

Gambriel - One of the guardian angels of the 5th Heaven.

Gamerin (Gamorin Debabim) - In ceremonial magical rites, an angel called in for spiritual service, according to Waite, The Book of Ceremonial Magic, p. 160, quoting from the Grimorium Verum. The name Gamerin should be engraved on the Sword of Art, before the start of the conjuration rite.

Gamidoi - A "most holy angel" invoked in magical operations, as directed by Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon.

Gamiel - A supreme ruling angel of the 1st hour of night, according to Waite, The Lemegeton.

Gamorin Debabim (Gamerin) - An angel invoked in the "conjuration of the sword."

Gamrial - One of the 64 wardens of the 7 celestial halls in Araboth.

Gamsiel - Angel of the 8th hour of night. Serves under Narcoriel.

Ganael - One of the 7 planetary rulers (Electors) serving under the joint rule of the angels Apudiel and Camael.

Gardon - An angel invoked in the benediction of the salt, according to Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon.
Garfial (Garfiel) - One of the guardians of the 5th Heaven.

Gargatel - One of the 3 angels over summer; he acts in association with Tariel and Gaviel.

Gariel - An angel of the order of Shinanim, according to Hayim Haziz, "The Seraph," The Literary Review, Spring 1958. In Hechaloth Rabbati, Gariel is an angelic guard of the 5th Heaven.

Garshanel - An angelic name found inscribed in an oriental charm (kamea) for warding off evil.

Garthiel - Chief officer angel of the 1st hour of night, serving under Gamiel.

Garzanal - An angel's name found inscribed on an oriental charm (kamea) for warding off evil.

Gaspard - A spirit invoked in Solomonic conjuring rites to procure to the invocant a lady's garter.

Gastrion - An angel of the 8th hour of night, serving under Narcoriel.

Gatiel (Gathiel) - One of the angelic guards of the 5th Heaven.

Gauriil Ishliha (Gazardiel) - A Talmudic angel who presides over the East. His duty is to see to it that the sun rises every morning at the right time. Guariil also appears in Mandean lore and there corresponds to the Zoroastrian Sraosha or to the Hebrew Gabriel.

Gaviel - With Gargatel & Tariel, Gaviel serves as one of the 3 angels of summer.

Gavreel (Gavriel) - A variant for Gabriel used by the Ethiopian Rabbinical College of Black Jews of Harlem (New York). To this sect there are 4 cardinal angels (of whom Gavreel is one) and they are to be invoked in the curing of disease, restoring of sight, turning enemies into friends, and "keeping the invocant from going crazy in the night." The other 3 cardinal angels are Micharel (Michael), Owreel (Uriel), & Rafarel (Raphael). In Ozar Midrashim, Gavreel is one of numerous angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind. In hechaloth lore (The Ma'asseh Merkabah), he is an angelic guard stationed either at the 2nd or 4th heavenly hall.

Gazardiel (Casardia, Gazardiya) - Chief angelic supervisor of the East. Gazardiel "kisses the prayers of the faithful and conveys them to the supernal firmament," as related in The Zohar. Hyde mentions Gazardiel in Historia Religionis Veterum Persarum. In De Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal, Gazardiel is a Talmudic angel charged with the rising and setting sun. Regamey in "What Is An Angel?", speaking of "later Judaism teaching the names of the angels of the elements, "refers to Casardia (i.e., Garzardiel) as having to "see to it that the sun rose every day at the right time and set at the right time."

Gazarniel - An angel of "flame of fire" who sought to oppose and wound Moses at the time the Lawgiver visited Heaven. Moses routed Gazarniel, we are told, "by pronouncing the Holy Name consisting of 12 letters." (Note: the only reference so far to mention Gazarniel is in Raskin, Kabbalah, Book of Creation, Zohar. Mr Raskin may have intended Hadraniel, and 72 letters rather than 12.)

Gazriel - One of the 70 childbed amulet angels.

Gdiel - (Gediel)

Geal - In the Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed at the 5th Heavenly Hall.

Gebiel - An angel of the 4th altitude.

Gebril - An angel invoked in conjuring rites.

Geburael (Geburah) - A sefira of the Briatic world who figured frequently in kabbalistic conjurations. In The Ancient's Book of Magic, Geburah or Gaburael (meaning strength) is equated with both Gabriel and Gamaliel and it is said that the influence of Elohi (God) "penetrates the angel Geburah (or Gamaliel) and descends through the sphere of [the planet] Mars. See Geburah.

Geburah (Geburael) - ["divine power and strength"]. An angel who is the upholder of the left hand of God. In occult works, Geburah is usually listed as 5th of the 10 holy sephiroth (divine emanations). He is also of the order of Seraphim. Identified variously as Gabriel, Gamaliel, Khamael (Camael), and, in Isaac ha-Cohen of Soria's text, as Geviririon.

Geburathiel - The angel of Geburah. In 3 Enoch, Geburatiel is one of the great angel princes representing "the divine strength, might, and power." He is the chief steward of the 4th hall in the 7th Heaven.

Gedael (Giadaiyal) - ["fortune god"]. In Enoch I Gedael is an angel of one of the seasons. Cornelius Agrippa cites Gedael (Gediel) as a governing angel of the zodiac.

Gedariah - a supervising chief sar (angel/prince) of the 3rd Heaven, as noted in The Zohar. Gedariah ministers 3 times a day; he bows to prayers ascending from the 2nd Heaven, crowns such prayers, then transmits them for further ascent.

Gedemel - A spirit of Venus, of which planet the angel Hagiel is the presiding intelligent, according to Paracelsus in his doctrine of Talismans.

Gediel (Gdiel) - In The Almadel of Solomon, Gediel is one of the chief princes of the 4th chora or altitude. In The Book of the Angel Raziel he serves as one of the 70 childbed amulet angels; he is also, in occult lore, an angel of the zodiac.

Gedobonai - An angel of the 3rd chora or altitude invoked in magical prayer, as set forth in The Almadel of Solomon.

Gedudiel - In the Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed in the 7th Heavenly hall at Araboth.

Gedudim - A class of angels of the Song Uttering Choirs under the leadership of Tagas, according to Enoch 3.

Gedulael - One of the sephiroth (divine emanations) invoked in Kabbalistic rites.

Gehatsitsa - In Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed in the 5th Heavenly hall in Araboth.

Gehegiel - In the Pirke Hechaloth, an angelic guard of the 6th Heaven.

Gehirael - In Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed in the 7th Heavenly Hall in Araboth.

Gehorey - In Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed in the 7th Heavenly hall in Araboth.

Gehoriel - In Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed at the 1st Heavenly hall in Araboth.

Gehuel - In The Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed at the 6th Heavenly Hall in Araboth.

Geliel - One of the 28 angels who govern the 28 mansions of the moon, under leadership of Gabriel.

Gelomiros - An angel of the 3rd chora or altitude invoked in magical prayer, as set forth in The Almadel of Solomon.

Geminiel - One of the governing angels of the zodiac.

Gemmut - In the Coptic work Pistis Sophia, Gemmut is an archon who serves under the rulership of Kalapatauroth (who causes all aeons and all destinies to revolve.)

Genaritzod - A chief officer angel of the 7th hour of night, serving under Mendrion, as cited in the Lemegeton.

Genii of Fire - In Occultism, there are 3 principal genii of fire: Uriel (or Anael, or Ariel), king of astral light (lightning or celestial fire); Michael (or Raphael), king of the sun's fire; and Sammael, king of volcanoes (& volcanic/earthly fire).

Genius - Plural is Genii, used also for Djinn. Genius is another name for ruling spirit, angel or intelligence. [Cf. Blake: "the forms of all things are derived from their Genius, which by the Ancients was call'd an Angel & Spirit & Demon."] According to Paul Christian in The History and Practice of Magic I, 303, says: "the genii of the orient [were] the originals of Christian angels." Athanasius Kircher, 17th-century Jesuit, in his voyage to the planets, accompanied by the genius Cosmiel, finds the genii (whom he dubs "sinister") inhabiting the planet Saturn. According to Kircher, the genii "administer divine justice to the wicked, and suffering to the righteous." While the term "genii" is often used to describe angels, it is most commonly known as another name for Djinn, another type of spirit altogether.

Genius of Bestial Love - [Schiekron]

Genius of the Contretemps - [Angel of the Odd]

Geno - An angel of the order of powers.

Genon - An angel of the 2nd chora or altitude invoked in magical prayer, as set forth in the Almadel of Solomon.

Gereimon - like Genon, an angel of the 2nd chora.

Gergot - In Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed at the 6th Heavenly Hall of Araboth.

Germael - ["Majestic God", "Majesty of God"]. An angel sent by God to create Adam from the dust, primarily accredited to Cassiel, though also sometimes to Gabriel.

Geron - Like Genon and Gereimon, one of the angels of the 2nd chora or altitude invoked in magical prayer.

Geroskesufael - In Ma'asseh Merkabah, an angelic guard stationed at the 7th Heavenly Hall in Araboth.

Gerviel (Cerviel) - In Jewish Kabbalah, the preceptor angel of King David. As Cerviel, this angel is a chief of the order of principalites (Elohim), sharing the post with Haniel, Nisroc & others.

Gethel (Ingethel) - An angel set over hidden things. According to The Biblical Antiquities of Philo, Gethel was the angel who smote the Amorites with blindness in their battle with the Cenez (also accredited to Uriel). Gethel was assisted by Zeruel (both under Uriel), another angel sent for this task.

Geviririon - ["the mighty one who knows no fear"]. An angel who personifies Geburah (Courage, might, strength). Geviririon ranks 5th of the 10 holy sephiroth. He is equated with Gabriel.

Geviriyah - One of the many aspects of the angel Metatron.

Gezardiya - [Gazardiel]

Gezuriya - In Malache Elyon, an angel of the order of powers; he is a guard of one of the celestial halls (most likely in Araboth) and ruler over 6 other angels, among them the angel under the sun (who serves Raphael), Gazardiya.

Gheoriah - An angel's name inscribed on the 3rd pentacle of the planet Mercury.

Giant Angels - The great demons are called "giant angels" by Milton in Paradise Lost VII, 605. See also Nephillim.

Giatiyah - One of the many aspects of the angel Metatron.

Gibborim - ["the mighty ones"]. An order of angels of the Song-Uttering Choirs under the leadership of Tagas. "They are the mighty ones... men of name" (Genesis 6). According to The Zohar I, 25a-b, the Gibborim "erect synagogues and colleges, and place in them scrolls of the law with rich ornaments, but only to make themselves a name." If that is so, then the Gibborim must be regarded as evil, and they usually are so regarded. However, although the Genesis Gibborim refer to the Nephillim, it is most likely that the Gibborim themselves were confused with the Grigori (The father-angels of such Nephillim), who were said to have erected palaces and schools etc. in their first attempts to "teach to man" the secrets of Heaven. They were considered evil when they divulged these sacred secrets, made themselves worshiped as Gods ("to make themselves a name"), and interbred with human women. See also: Grigori

Gidaijal (Gedael) - ["The fortune God", "Fortune of God"]. A luminary of the seasons, as listed in Enoch I. He is among the leaders of the "heads of thousands" (most likely dominions or principalities).

Giel - In ceremonial magic, the angel with dominion over the zodiacal sign of the Gemini (twins).

Gippuyel - One of the many aspects of the angel Metatron.

Glaras - An angel of the 1st hour of the night, serving under Gamiel.

Glauron (Glaura) - A beneficent spirit of the air, invoked from the North. He is mentioned in Scot, Discoverie of Witchcraft.

Glmarij - An angel of the 3rd hour of day, serving under Veguaniel.

Glorious Ones - A term for the highest order of the archangels. The Elohim or Aeons; the 7 archangels of the presence.

Glory of God - according to the 11th-12th century Jewish poet and sage Judah ha-Levi, "glory of God" is a term which "denotes the whole class of angels, together with their spiritual instruments - the thrones, chariots, firmament, ophanim, and the spheres (Galgalim)."

Gmial - One of the 64 angel wardens of the 7 celestial halls (in Araboth).

Goap (Gaap, Gap, Tap, Taap) - Formerly an angel of the order of Powers; now fallen and in Hell. Goap is one of the infernal regions' 11 presidents. That Goap was once "of the order of powers" was proved "after infinite research," reports Spence, An Encyclopaedia of Occultism. According to demonologists, Goap was "prince of the west."

God of this Age (God of this World) - see II Corinthians 4, "in whom the God of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not," etc. Here, Paul has in mind Satan, chief of the fallen angels, however, both Ariel & Michael have been called "God of the World".

Gog and Magog - In the Grimoires of Honoronius III, ineffable names of God used to command spirits. Typically, they were ancient demons or Djinn, who existed in the time before the flood. "The unexpected appearance of Gog and Magog amongst the other Holy names of God must be put down," says Butler, Ritual Magic, "to the ignorance of Honorius." The Koran mentions Gog and Magog as "spoiling the land."

Golabim (Golab) - ["incendiaries"]. The adversaries of the Seraphim, and also one of the 10 unholy Sephiroth "whose cortex is Usiel." Golab has also been denoted a spirit of wrath and sedition, operating under his chief, "Sammael the Black."

Golandes - An angel invoked in the exorcism of Wax, according to Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon.

Gonael - One of the numerous guards of the gates of the North Wind.

Gonfalons - an order of angels in the celestial hierarchy, according to Milton, Paradise Lost V, 590-591. In the latter book, the angel Raphael speaks of "Standards and Gofalons" who "for the distinction serve/Of heirarchies, of Orders, and Degrees."

Good Daimon - the "aeon of the aeons," a term applied to Thoth in Hermetic Theology.

Gorfiniel - In the Ozar Midrashim I, 119, an angelic guard of the 7th Heaven (Araboth).

Gorson (Gorsou) - [Gurson]

Governments - In the Apocalypse of the Holy Mother God, governments is an order of angels listed along with Thrones, Lordships, Authorities, Archangels, etc. It is most likely a branch in the choir of Principalities.

Gradhiel - [Gradiel]

Gradiel (Gradhiel, Graphiel) - ["The Strong Willed God", "Strong Will of God"]. The intelligence of the planet Mars when this luminary enters the signs of the Ram and Scorpio. Gradiel's corresponding angel (for Mars) is Bartyabel. Otherwise, Gradiel is said to work with Gardriel, and the rebirth angels.

Graniel - An angel of the 2nd hour, serving under Anael.

Granozin - An angel under the second hour of the night, serving under Farris.

Graphathas - "One of the 9 angels that run together throughout the heavenly and earthly places," as certified in the Gospel of Bartholomew, p. 177, where the names of the 9 angels are revealed to Bartholomew by Beliar.

Graphiel (Gradiel) - A spirit in Kabbalistic enumerations answering to Gabriel, according to Furlong, Encyclopedia of Religions.

Grasgarben - With Hadakiel, Grasgarben governs the sign of Libra.

Great and Wonderful - When Michael came to announce to Mary her impending death, the Virgin is said to have asked the archangel who he was, and that he answered, "My name is Great and Wonderful." The legend is retold in Clement, Angels in Art, where there is a reproduction of Fra Filippo Lippi's painting, depicting the scene.

Grial (Griel) - A guardian angel of the 5th Heaven; also one the 70 childbed amulet angels.

Griel - [Grial]

Grigorim (Grigori, egoroi, egregori, "watchers") - ["Those who watch", "Those who are awake", "Those who never sleep"]. In Jewish legendary lore, the Grigori are a superior order of angels whose primary purpose is fulfilled in the silent observance of the world. They are called "eternally silent" & "sleepless". [Explained in more detail under Watchers]. They are "taller than giants" but otherwise resemble men in appearance. During the time of Enoch, an order of 200 Grigori broke from Heaven by cohabiting with man in an attempt to reveal to man the forbidden secrets of Heaven. They took wives among them and many of their offspring, called the Nephillim, were brutal giants. Both the Nephillim & the superior knowledge introduced lead to man's downfall, and the great flood was the result. Out of the Grigori, only 200 watchers "rejected the lord" in this way. It is unknown how many of the Grigori remained loyal. In judgement, the unholy watchers were bound in the 5th Heaven, while the holy watchers remain in the 2nd Heaven. The ruling prince of the order of Grigori (not just those unholy) is called Salamiel. He is considered in Enoch II to be unholy, although this may be confusing him with Semyaza, who was the chief of the 200 Grigori who fell. (See Watchers).

Guabarel - Angel of Autumn. In addition to Guabarel, another angel cited in occult lore as governing Autumn is Tarquam.

Guael (Guel) - An angel of the 5th Heaven ruling on Tuesday. Guael is invoked from the East.

Guardian Angels of Adam and Eve - The first parents had 2 guardians of the order of Virtues. These are listed variously as Raphael & Ariel, Cassiel, or Gabriel. (All of which have been mentioned as counselors to the couple in Eden.)

Guardian Angel of Barcelona - An unnamed angel who visited St. Vincent Ferrer. The angel never actually protected the city since it was frequently captured. There is a statue of this angel in Barcelona.

Guardian Angel of the Earth - Ariel, Michael, or Danyael. Ariel over life (nature), Michael over will (souls) & Danyael over formation (matter). According to Irenaeus, Athenagoras, Methodius of Philippi, and other early Church fathers, Satan was the original guardian of the Earth.

Guardian Angel of France - [Hakamiah].

Guardian Angel of Heaven and Earth - In the Islamic scheme of 7 Heavens, the Guardian angel of Heaven & Earth dwells in the 6th Heaven. He is sometimes identified with Nuriel or Lucifer as he is described as being composed of snow & fire.

Guardian Angels - A class of angels who minister or protect, guide or accompany. Although the guardians of man are known to be lead by Gabriel (the angel of humanity), Angels as guardians can be found for a variety of charges under the 4 ruling princes of the order: Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel & Michael. They are also Principalities, with 70 known guardian angels of nations, one in charge of each state. These tutelary princes over nations are "either angels of demons," a notion which was often abused when states named demons in control of opposing nations to regard them as "evil". In Rabbinic tradition, these 70 began as angels, but became corrupted national bias & are now demons - with the sole exception of Michael, sar of Israel, whose bias was excusable or justified, since he espoused the cause of the "chosen people." Of these 70, only those of 4 nations are named in Rabbinical works: Dobiel for Persia; Samael for Rome (Edom); Rahab, Uzza, Duma and/or Semyaza for Egypt; and Michael/Ariel for Israel. It is said that every human being (and every rock, tree & animal for that matter) is assigned one or more guardian angels, often at birth. The Talmud speaks of every Jew being attended through life by 11,000 guardian angels; & also that "every blade of grass has over it, an angel saying 'grow.'" That every child has a protective spirit is confirmed by Matthew 18:10 where Jesus bids his disciples not to despise the little ones and speaks of their "angels in Heaven." According to Charles, Apocrypha & Psuedepigrapha of the Old Testament, the earliest reference to the belief in guardian angels, in noncanonical lore, is to be found in The Book of Jubilees, 35:17. Another early source might be cited: The Biblical Antiquities of Philo, the writing of which is said to date back to the 1st century C.E. In Athanasius Kircher's account of his voyages to the planets, "the guardian angels of all the virtues" are found inhabiting "the Elysian shores of the Planet Jupiter." The liturgical feast of the Holy Guardian Angels, in Catholic observances, occurs on October 2.

Guards - An order of the celestial hierarchy mentioned in Paradise Lost IV, 550; XII, 590, where the guards, earlier referred to as Powers and equated likewise with the Cherubim, are under command of Michael. These are likely the same guards in the Heavenly halls at Araboth, who are governed by Michael. Alfred de Vigny mentions the order of guards in his poem "Eloa."

Guel (Guael) - An angel of the 5th Heaven and ruling on Tuesday. Invoked from the East. Equated with Guael.

Gulacoc - An angel of the Seal, used for conjuring.

Gulhab - 5th of the 10 unholy Sephiroth (or Qlippoth), as noted in Moses de Burgos' text.

Gurid - A summer equinox angel, effective when invoked as an amulet against the evil eye.

Guriel - ["Whelping God", "Whelp of God"]. One of the angels ruling the Zodiacal sign of Leo.

Gurson (Gorson, Gursou) - One of the routed forces under Lucifer in the First War, now serving in the nether regions as King of the South.

Guth - One of the angelic rulers of the Planet Jupiter.

Gutrix - In Occultism, a Thursday angel of the air, ministering to Suth, chief of these angels, all of whom are subject in turn to the South Wind. Associated with Maguth who also serves under Suth.

Guziel - In M. Gaster, The Sword of Moses, an evil angel summoned in incantation rites against an enemy.

Gvurtial - An angelic guard of one of the great Heavenly Halls (or Palaces) of the 4th Heaven.

Gzrel - In Trachtenburg, Jewish Magic and Superstition, an angel invoked to countermand evil decrees. The word Grzel is part of a 42-letter name for God.

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