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Labarfiel - one of the angelic guards of the seventh heaven.

Labbiel - original name of the Archangel Raphael.
The name was changed when, according to Jewish legend, Labbiel complied with God's command concerning the creation of man.
It should be noted here that two groups of angels (the angels of truth and the angels of peace), not complying with the divine command, were burned.

Labezerin - In talismanic magic, the genius (spirit) of success. Labezerin serves in the 2nd hour of the day.

Labusi - one of the 5 angels of omnipotence, the other 4 being Tubatlu, Bualu, Tulatu, Ublisi.

Lad - (Hebrew, "tender age") one of the many names of the angel Metatron.

Lahabiel - an angel who assists Raphael in the rulership of the 1st day (Samael ruling the 3rd day and Anael the 6th). Along with Phaniel, Rahabiel, Ariel and others, Lahabiel used to be invoked as an amulet against evil spirits (and perhaps still is),
as indicated in a late Hebrew charm.

Lahariel - One of the 70 childbed amulet angels. Lahariel assists Michael in governing the 2nd day. He is mentioned in the Book of Raziel.

Lahash - In rabbinic lore, a great angel who, with the aid of Zakun, led 184 myriads of spirits, to snatch away the prayer of Moses before it could reach God. (the prayer to extend his life) For this attempt at interference with divine will, the 2 angels were punished with "60 blows [lashes] of fire." Bamberger, Fallen Angels p. 138 , cites another form of the same legend wherein it is Sammael who metes out punishment on Lahash by "binding him with fiery chains, flogging him with 70 stripes of fire, and expelling him from the divine presence."

Lahatiel - ("the flaming one") One of the 7 angels of punishment, as listed in the Masaket Gan Eden and Gehinnom. In the writings of the Cabalist Joseph Ben Abraham Gikatilla, Lahatiel is the presiding angel of the gates of death, which is the designation for the 2nd lodge of the 7 lodges in which Hell (arka) is divided. According to the Revelation of Rabbi Joshua Ben Levi, Lahatiel is one of the angels in Hell who punishes nations "for cause."

Lailah (Laila, Leliel, Lailahel, Layla) - ("night") The name is said to derive from a rabbinic exegesis of the word "lailah" in Job 3:3.
According to The Zohar (Exodus) Lailah is "an angel appointed to guard the spirits at their birth." In Jewish legendary lore, Lailah is a demonic angel of night, the "prince of conception," to be compared with Lilith, demoness of conception. However, in Genesis Rabba 417 and in Sanhedrin 96a the story is that Lailah fought for Abraham when the patriarch battled kings - which would make Lailah a good, rather than a wicked, angel.

Lama - in de Abano, The Heptameron, Lama (or La Ma) is an angel of the air, a ruler of Tuesday, and dwells in the 5th Heaven. He is invoked from the West.

Lamach - An angel who governs the planet Mars.

Lamas - One of the four principle classes of protecting genii (djinn) in Chaldean lore, usually represented with the body of a lion and the head of the man. (see Nirgal)

Lamassu - in Assyrian lore, a kindly spirit appealed to at the end of invocations for the exorcism of evil spirits. He is a Babylonian spirit, according to Trachtenburg, Jewish magic and superstition.

Lamachalal (Lamechiel) - A planetary ruler cited in Enoch 3 (Hebrew Enoch). Lamechalal was the only angel who, as a reader is assured in Conybeare The Testament of Solomon, could overcome the female demon called "Deceit".

Lamech - (Lameck)

Lamechiel - (Lamachalal)

Lameck (Lamech, Lamideck) - A pure angel, invoked in black magic rites of power and protection, specifically in "the conjuration of the sword"

Lamediel - an angel over the 4th hour of the night. He is under the angel Jefischa.

Lamedk - an angel like Lameck ( but not to be confused with him).
Possibly a twin aspect considering the titles are the same. Lamedk is invoked, along with Lameck, in the "conjuration of the sword."

Lamideck - (Lameck, Lamech)

Larzod - One of the "glorious and benevolent angels" He is invoked in Solomonic conjuring rites for imparting to the invocant some of the secret wisdom of the Creator.

Lauday - an angel invoked in the "Benediction of the Salt." So cited in the Grimorium Verum.

Lauiah (Lauviah) - in the Cabbala, an angel who was once both a cherubim and a throne. Lauviah influences savants and great personages. For his sigil, see Ambelain, La Kabbale Practique pp. 260,267.

Lawidh - in Islamic apocalyptic lore, a "chief of the angels." The sufi Abu Yazid in his mir'aj (ascent) to the 7 Heavens comes apon Lawidh in the 2nd Heaven and is offered there: "a kingdom such as no tongue can describe" but Abu Yazid resists the bribe, knowing it to be a test of his true devotion to God.

Layla - (Lailah)

Lazai (Lazay) - a "holy angel of God" invoked in the excorcism of fire.

Lebes - One of the chief angels of the 1st chora or altitude.
When invoked, Lebes appears carrying a banner with a red cross on it. Of the 1st altitude, there are 5 chief rulers or governors, the other 4 (apart from Lebes) being Alimiel, Barachiel, Gabriel, and Hel(l)ison.

Lecabel - an angel of agriculture who governs vegetation. He is also one of the 72 angels bearing the mystical name of the God Shemhamphorae. His sigil is shown in Ambelain's, La Kabbale Practique.

Lecahel - An angel of the order of Dominations (Dominions).

Ledrion - an angel invoked in the exorcism of spirits through application of incense and fumigations.

Lehachel - One of the rulers of the 72 quinaries of the degrees of the zodiac.

Lehahel - One of the 8 seraphim of the Cabala.

Lehahiah - Once of the order of powers (potentates), Lehahiah protects crowned heads and makes subjects obedient to their superiors. He is (or was, depending on his current status as a holy or evil angel) one of the 72 heirarchs bearing the mystical name of the God Shemhamphorae. His sigil is shown in Ambelains, La Kabbale Pratique.

Lehavah - in hechaloth lore (Ma'asseh Merkabah), an angelic guard stationed in the 7th Heaven, who stands guard at one of the 7 halls there.

Lelahel - an angel of the zodiac exercising dominion over love, art, science, and fortune. His corresponding angel is Asentacer (see Senciner). For his sigil, see Ambelains, La Kabbale Pratique.

Lelahiah - one of the 72 angels bearing the mystical name of the God Semhamphorae.

Lelial - (Leliel)

Leliel (Lelial, Lailah) - One of the angelic rulers of night. (see Lailah)

Lemanael - in the cabala, the spirit of the moon. He is under Gabriel in rank and his corresponding angel is Elimiel.

Lepha - an angel of the Seal. Lepha is cited in the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses as one of the invocation spirits in special conjuring rites.

Leuuiah (Leviah) - one of the 72 angels bearing the mystical name of the God Shemhamphorae.

Levanael (Iaraehel, Levannah) - the spirit of the moon. Another name for Gabriel. Derived from the word "Levannah" meaning "pale" or "pale moon." He is mentioned in Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy III.

Leviah - (Leuuiah)

Leviathan - "That which gathers itself into folds" In the Enoch parables, Leviathan is the primitive female sea-dragon and monster of evil; in rabbinic writings, she (or he) is identified with Rahab, angel of the primordial deep (abyss, or ocean). Leviathan is also associated with Behemoth, who is a great monstrous demon over beasts. Both Leviathan and Behemoth are said to have been created on the 5th day. In the system of Justinus, Leviathan is said to be "a bad angel." According to George Barton in the journal of Journal of Biblical Literature (Dec. 1912) p. 161, Leviathan is "a Hebrew name for the Babylonian Tiamat." In biblical lore (Job 41:1) Leviathan is the great whale. In Psalm 74:14 he is the hippopotamus (a character associated with Behemoth) or crocodile. In Isaiah 27:1 Leviathan is called "that crooked serpent."In Mandean lore, the final end for all but the purified souls is to be swallowed up by Leviathan.

Libanel - The angelic guide of Phillip, according to Klopstock, The Messiah.

Liberating angel - The Shekinah, (who is also credited as the female half of God.) who "delivers the world from all ages" has been referred to as the "liberating angel." She is always close to man and is "never separated from the just." The Exodus 23:20 passage ("Behold I send an angel before thee") has been applied to the Liberating angel, although it is more commonly applied to John the Baptist and to Tzadkiel.

Librabis - genius of hidden gold and one of the genii of the 7th hour.

Lifton - in hechaloth lore (Ma'asseh Merkabah), an angelic guard of the 7th Heaven who is stationed as a guard in one of the & halls there.

Lights - angels, luminaries. Once used as a name for a specific order of angels by John Dee and Edward Kelley.

Lilith (Liliah, Lilit, Lilitu, Lilias, Lili) - in Jewish literature, Lilith is a female demon, enemy of infants, bride of the evil angel Sammael. She predated Eve, as Adams first wife. According to Rabbi Eliezer, Lilith bore Adam 100 children every day, although it has been more commonly cited that she bore the children after her flee from Eden. The Zohar describes Lilith as "a hot fiery female who at first cohabited with man" but, when Eve was created, "flew to the cities of the sea coast," where she is "still trying to ensnare mankind." The most common portrayal of Lilith's story begins with Adam's desire for a mate to match him as all the animals of Eden had their own corresponding mate. "The one of tears" (god, or in some cases, the angel Cassiel) creates for him a female from the dirt, which is unclean or less, pure than that which Adam came from. (If the creator was Cassiel, this would explain the void of perfection as Adam was made from God's own hands) He names her Lilias and gives her to Adam, who finds happiness with her until he realizes they are not compatible. Lilias for one, is very different from Adam, with more intelligence and she has the ability to fly. She is also dominating and will not submit to Adam, especially when it involves their sexual relationship. She refuses the missionary position which Adam sees as the most appropriate in regards to all the animals in creation. (male on top). Lilith denies him saying "we are equal in that we are both made from the dust" They continue to argue, no mention as to how long, until Lilith gives up, and in a rage calls out the ineffable name of God (displaying her superior spiritual intelligence) and flies from Eden to the coast of a large sea (or into the abyss outside of Eden, depending on the depiction.) Adam cries out to God (or God hears his name) and sends three angels "Senoy, Sensoy, Sensenoy" out to fetch her. When they find her, they see her surrounded by her children. (Usually depicted as demonic) They ask her to return to Eden, and when she refuses they attempt to take her by force. She begs against the injustice claiming that it was not her fault that she was made compatible with Adam. The angels return and God declares that for every day she is outside of Eden 100 of her children will die (in the same way she bore 100 children a day in Eden.) The angels return to her to inform her and insist that she return. Claiming that she has no choice she declares that God has given her power over the death of her children, and in the same spectrum she will avenge her children's deaths with the children of men, saying: "I was created only to cause sickness to infants. If the infant is male, I have dominion over him for 8 days after his birth, and if female, for 20 days." This explains her role as a demon over the death of children. Being in the Abyss (nod, Tartarus) she wed Sammael (often equated with Satan, one of the first fallen angels). Sammael was castrated to keep their progeny from annihilating the world and so Lilith seduces men in their sleep to conceive her children (often called Lilin, Lili) Later, she is divorced from Sammael. (See Lilith column) She has been identified with a screech owl in Isaiah 34:14. A connection, which is thought to be incorrect, but does make some note of sense considering many depictions of her including owls. In the Cabala she is a demon of Friday and is represented as a naked woman whose body terminates in a serpents tail, or as a winged woman with bird talons. While commonly thought to be a creation of rabbis in the early middle ages, Lilith is in fact drawn from Lilin, female demonic spirits under the power of "Lili", a demoness in Mesopotamian demonology, and known as ardat lili. Even farther back there is Lilitu/Lilit, a Sumerian/Ethiopic demon wife of the "dragon" (associated with Sammael, who is called the "blind dragon" in Jewish texts). The concept of the Lili, most likely originated here, with Lilitu. Lilith has also been identified in Jewish lore as the "1st temptress, Adam's demon wife, and Cain's mother" The idea that she was the mother of Cain was most likely used to explain Cain's unlikely rebelliousness. In Talmudic lore, as also in the cabala, (The Zohar), most demons are mortal, but Lilith and two other notorious female spirits of evil (Naamah and Agrat bat Mahlat: the wives of Sammael, Hawron and Ba'al) will "continue to plague man until the Messianic day, when God will finally extirpate uncleanliness and evil from the face of the earth." In Scholem's article on one of the medieval writers in the magazine Mada'e ha Yahadut (II,164ff), Lilith and Sammael are said to have "emanated from beneath the throne of divine glory, the legs of which were somewhat shaken by their [joint] activity." It is known of course, that Sammael was once a familiar figure in Heaven, but not that Lilith was up there also, assisting him. Lilith goes by a score of names, 17 of which she revealed to elijiah when she was forced by him to do so. (Listed here)

Lithargoel - a great angel whose name appears in the Coptic The Investiture of the Archangel Gabriel; also the Acts of Peter.
Little Iao-one of the many names of the angel Metatron.

Liwet - In Mandean lore, the angel of love and invention; also one of the 7 planetary spirits.

Lobkir - one of the numerous angelic guards of the gate of the West wind. He is stationed in the Sixth Heaven where the winds are held, and is under the rule of the angel Nuriel, who is the chief of the angels in this Heaven. The chief of the Heaven being Zebul. (sometimes Gabriel of Tzadkiel)

Lobquin - one of the angels of the 5th Heaven ruling on Tuesday. He is invoked from the West, although he is subject to the East wind.

Loel - one of the numerous angelic guards of the gate of the South wind. He is stationed in the Sixth Heaven where the winds are held, and is under the rule of the angel Nuriel, who is the chief of the angels in this Heaven. The chief of the Heaven being Zebul. (sometimes Gabriel of Tzadkiel)

Logoi - a designation by Philo in his "On Dreams." It is also the plural form for "Logos" (meaning 'the word') and is a name of an order of angels.

Logos - ("the word") According to Philo, Logos is the angel who appeared to Hagar (equated with Michael and Gabriel). He is also said to be the "cloud at the Red sea" (equated with Tzadkiel and Sariel) and one of the 3 angels that appeared to Abraham at Mamre (equated as Uriel, Sariel and Ariel or God), just before traveling onward to destroy Sodom and its surrounding cities. And Philo also claimed that he was the divine form that changed the name of Jacob to Israel at Peniel (equated with Uriel). In rabbinic mysticism, Metatron is the personification of Logos, being the "voice of God." Michael and the Messiah have also been associated with the word, as has the holy ghost. Philo calls Logos "the image of God, his angel", and "the oldest angel who is as though it were Angel chief of many names; for he is called dominion, and Name of God." (see Metatron)

Loquel - an angel who resides in the 1st Heaven. Under Gabriel.

Lords (lordships) - a celestial order of angels mentioned, along with cherubim, powers, thrones, in the Apocalypse of the Holy Mother of God and in the Arkhangelike of Moses. In Enoch II 20:1, lordships is given in lieu of dominions (Ephesians 1:21; I Colossians 1:16). Lords may also be equated with principalities (who govern leaders of people, religions, nations and organizations of people) and virtues. Clement of Alexandria quotes from the lost Apocalypse of Zephaniah: "And the spirit took me up and carried me into the 5th Heaven, and I saw angels called Lords and their diadem was lying in the Holy Spirit, and for each of them there was a throne seven times as bright as the sun."

Lord of Hosts - Michael, Sabaoth (equated with Michael), Akatriel, God. On his return from a visit to Heaven, Rabbi Ishmael ben Elisha reported: "I once entered into the innermost part [of the sanctuary] to offer incense, and saw Akathriel Jah, the lord of hosts, seated upon a high and exalted throne.

Lord of Lightning - (Angel of Lightning)

Lords of Shouting - also called "Masters of Howling." The lords of shouting consist of 1,550 myriads of angels, "all singing glory to the Lord." They are led by the angel Jeduthun. It is said that , at dawn because of the chanting of the lords of shouting, "judgement is lightened and the world is blessed."

Lords of the Sword - the 14 conjuring angels are listed in M. Gaster, The sword of Moses. They are Aziel, Arel, Ta'Aniel, Tafel, Yofiel, Mittron (Metatron), Yadiel, Ra'asiel (Raziel), Haniel (Anael), Asrael (later repeated), Yisriel, A'shael, Amuhael, Asrael.

Lord Zebaot - In Jewish legendary lore, the lord of hosts; it is the name that God went by when he battled sinners. Equated with Michael Sabaoth, a title for the Archangel Michael.

Los (Lucifer) - The agent of divine providence, "the laborer of ages." Since his fall, he has spent 6,000 years trying to give form to the world: "I am the shadowy prophet who, 6,000 years ago, fell from my station in the eternal bosom."

Lucifer - "Light bearer", "Light giver." Equated with the devil. According to myth: He was the first angel created and second only to God in wisdom and glory. He fell from grace through pride and tried to raise himself in power over God. He is given credit for the temptation for the original sin, as the form of the serpent that seduced eve into tasting the forbidden fruit (although sometimes his minister Gadareel is given credit for the form, while Lucifer spoke through him). Of his ministers, all fell with him, and returned in a battle to take over the seven spheres of Heaven. They were eventually defeated by the loyal angels led by Michael, the arch strategist and second to Lucifer in power. After his ministers were defeated and thrown into the abyss (Tartarus, the void of creation outside of Heaven) Michael defeated Lucifer and he was cast out of Heaven along with one third of the Heavenly host who followed him. He then ruled over the unfaithful host in Hell (which was either created by him as a kingdom in mockery of God's heaven or by God as a place of punishment for the rebel angels) and is forever plotting against God and using man as a pawn to display power over God. (see: Satan) In Isaiah 14:12 states: "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning," which was intended to describe the king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. The name Lucifer was applied to Satan by St. Jerome and other church fathers, although there are several ancient religions where the "devil" figure is named after "light" or the "morning star" such as Beqa and Ashtoret. Milton in paradise lost applied the name to the demon of sinful pride. Lucifer also denotes "star" or "morning star" To Spenser, Lucifer is "the brightest angel, even the Child of Light."

Luel - in 15th century Jewish mystical lore, an angel invoked in connection with the use of divining rods.

Luma'il - In Arabic lore a guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism.

Lumazi - in Assyrian cosmology there were 7 Lumazi, creators of the universe. (equated with the aeons / elohim / archangels & archons). They may also be compared with the 7 angels of the presence, the 7 prajapati of the Hindu faith and the Middoth in Talmudic writings.

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