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Qaddis (pl. qaddisin) - Means “the holy ones.” Qaddis is one of the twin angels who, along with the twin “Irin”, constitute the judgement council of God.

Qaddisin (Kadishim, Kadashim) - Twin angels resident in the 6th Heaven (or 7th according to 3 Enoch). The Qaddisin constitute, along with the twin Irin, the supreme judgment council of the heavenly court (called the Beth Din: or "Judgment Seat"). They are ranked higher than Seraphim in Merkabah lore. According to 3 Enoch; these four angels are: “Greater than all the children of Heaven, and none their equal among all the servants [of God], for each one of them is equal to all the rest together. For more description, See: Kadishim.

Qadosch - In The Greater Key of Solomon, he is an angel invoked in the conjuration of ink & colors.

Qafsiel (Qaspiel, Qaphsiel, Quaphsiel) - Under Gabriel in his dominion over the moon. In 3 Enoch, he is stationed in the 7th heaven as guardian of the 7th great hall. He is associated with Atrugiel. In ancient Hebrew charms, Qafsiel is invoked to drive away enemies by tying a charm, written in bird’s blood, to the foot or the wing of a dove & then bidding it to fly away. If it flies away, it is a sign that the enemy will be sent in flight also.

Qalbam - An angel who (along with many others) guards the gates of the South Wind. He is stationed in the 3rd heaven where the winds are contained.

Qamamir Ziwa - A Mandean angel of light. He is said to work with Yura & also Raphael. Qamamir Ziwa was made by Raphael.

Qamiel - An angel who (along with many others) guards the gates of the South Wind. He is stationed in the 3rd heaven where the winds are contained.

Qaphsiel - [Qafsiel]

Qangiel Yah - Another of Metatrons names… cited in 3 Enoch.

Qaniel - An angel who (along with many others) guards the gates of the South Wind. He is stationed in the 3rd heaven, where the winds are contained.

Qaus - An Arabic angel. He is invoked in conjuring rites.

Qemuel (Kemuel, Camael) - In Jewish legend, he was destroyed by God, or some say Moses, when he tried to prevent the lawgiver from receiving the Torah at the time God promulgated it. At the time he was leading 12,000 angels against God & Moses.

Quaphsiel - [Qafsiel]

Queen of the Angels - “regina angelium.” In the Kabbalah, this title is given to Shekinah (the female aspect of God), In Gnosticism, it is given to Pistis Sophia (an archon equated with Achamoth) & in popular Catholicism, it is the Virgin Mary who carries the title.

Quelamia - He is one of the seven great throne angels according to The Book of the Angel Raziel. These throne angels reside in the 1st heaven, & “execute the commands of the potentates.”

Quoriel - He serves as an “inferior spirit” under the angel Vachmiel. He rules the fourth hour of the day. In The Book of Ceremonial Magic by Waiste, Quoriel is invoked in ritual magic of the Pauline art.

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