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Vacabiel (Vacatiel) - in joint rule with Rasamasa (another genius), Vacabiel controls the sign of Pisces in the zodiac

Vacatiel - (Vacabiel)

Vachmiel - an angel governing the 4th hour of the day.
Vachmiel is served by 10 chief officers and 100 inferior spirits.

Vadriel - ruling angel of the 9th hour of the day. Vadriel, like Vachmiel, is served by 10 chief officers and 100 lesser spirits.
The chief officers include Astroniel, Damiel, Madriel.

Vahoel - one of the 72 angels in control of the 12 signs of the zodiac

Vaij - in Jewish mysticism, one of the angels of the Seal

Valiants (of the heavens; see warriors) - a term for angels, as in Isaiah 33:7, and Psalms of Thanksgiving of the New Covenant

Valnum - in occult lore, a Monday angel resident of the 1st heaven and invoked from the north.
He is also one of the 3 intelligences of the planet Saturn.

Vametel - in Runes, The Wisdom of the Kabbalah, one of the 72 angels of the zodiac

Vamona (Vamonah, Vanah) - the “dwarf avatar” in Vedic lore. He is “lord of reason.” Of the 10 avatars, Vamona is 5th and Vishnu 1st

Vanand Yezad - the only angel allowed by the Magians to preside over all the 7 Hells

Vaol - an angel whose name appears on the 1st pentacle of the moon

Vaphoron - an angel invoked in the benediction of the salt.
Vaphoron is mentioned in Solomonic (black magic) tracts

Varcan - according to Heywood, The Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels, an angel with dominion over the sun. (For others exercising such dominion, see Angels of the Sun.) In de Abano, The Heptameron, Varcan is referred to as “king of angels of the air ruling on Lord’s Day.”

Varchiel - an angel with dominion over one of the zodiacal signs,
variously given as Leo, Pisces, Corona

Variel - one of the 70 childbed amulet angels

Varuna - chief of the 7 Vedic divinities (i.e. suryas), analogous to the Judaeo-Christian angels

Vasariah - in the cabala, an angel of the order of dominations.
He is also one of the 72 angels bearing the name of God Shemhamphorae

Vashyash - “a prince over all the angels and Caesars.”

Vasiariah - in the cabala, an angel who rules over justice, nobility, magistrates, and lawyers. His sigil is reproduced in Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique.

Vassago - in the grimoires, a “good spirit” invoked to discover a woman’s deepest secret. In Waite, The Lemegeton, Vassago is a prince of the nether realms where he busies himself finding lost possessions and foretelling the future. His sigil is shown in Shah, The Secret of Magic, p.210.

Vatale - like Vashyash, Vatale is described as “a prince over all the angels and Caesars.”

Veguaniel - an angel ruler of the 3rd hour of the day

Vehiel - an angel whose name is inscribed on the 1st pentacle of the moon

Vehofnehu - one of the many names of the angel Metatron

Vehuel - an angel of the order of principalities; also a zodiac angel and one of the 72 bearing the name of God Shemhamphorae.
His sigil is shown in Ambelain, La Kabbale Practique

Vehuiah - in the cabala, one of the 8 seraphim, invoked to fulfill prayers. He governs the first rays of the sun. his sigil is shown in Ambelain, La Kabbale Practique

Veischax - in Mosaic magic lore, an angel of the seal

Vel - a Wednesday angel, resident of the 3rd heaven, invoked from the south

Vel Aquiel - an angel ruler on Lord’s day (Sunday) and a resident of the 4th heaven.
For good results, he must be invoked from the north

Velel - in de Abano, The Heptameron, and in Barrett, The Magus, a Wednesday angel resident in the 2nd or 3rd heaven.
Since he is invoked from the north, he cannot be identified with Vel (with whom, however, he seems to have much in common).

Veloas (Velous) - “a most pure angel of God” invoked in Solomonic black magic rites, specifically in the conjuration of the sword.
Veloas is a familiar figure in the grimoires

Venahel (Venoel) - a Wednesday angel residing in the 2nd or 3rd heaven, and invoked from the north

Venibbeth - an angel invoked in the conjuration of invisibility, operating under Almiras, Master of invisibility

Verchiel (Zerachiel) - angel of the month of July and ruler of the sign of Leo in the zodiac.
Verchiel is also one of the rulers of the order of powers. Budge, Amulets and Talismans, equates Verchiel with Nakiel.
Axxording to Papus in Traite Elementaire de Science Occulte, Verchiel (here called Zerachiel) is governor of the sun.

Vertues - Milton’s spelling (with lowercase “v”) for the order of virtues in Paradise Lost

Veruah - one of the many names of the angel Metatron

Vetuel - a Monday angel resident of the 1st heaven and invoked from the south.

Veualiah - one of the 9 virtues, according to a chart of “L’Arbre de Vie en Iesirah” facing p. 88 in Ambelain, La Kabbale Practique. Veualiah presides over prosperity of empires and strengthens the power of kings. His corresponding angel (for purposes of invocation) is Stochene. For Veualiah’s sigil, see p. 281 of Ambelain’s work.

Vevalel - one of the 72 angels of the zodiac

Vevaliah - one of the 72 angels bearing the name of God Shemhamphorae

Vevaphel - an angel’s name found inscribed on the 3rd pentacle of the moon

Veyothiel - an angel’s name in a North Italy manuscript containing, among other cabalistic items, the Gabdalah shel Rabbi Akiba (the Alphabet of Rabbi Akiba).

Vhdrziolo - one of the nomina Barbara given in M. Gaster, The Sword of Moses, where Vhdrziolo is spoken of as among the 4 great angels appointed by God to the Sword

Vhnori - one of 2 governing spirits of the sign of Sagittarius. Vhnori shares the rulership with Saritaiel

Vianuel (Vianiel) - an angel of the 5th heaven ruling on Tuesday, and invoked from the south

Victor - an angel so called in Hyde, A Literary History of Ireland. Victor appears to St. Patrick and asks him to return to Ireland for the purpose of converting the pagans to Christianity.

Victor angels - a group of luminaries so designated in Paradise Lost VI, where Milton speaks of them as "in Arms they stood/of Golden Panoplie, refulgent host."

Vionatraba (Vianathraba) - in occultism, an angel of the 4th heaven ruling on Lord's day. He is invoked from the east. He serves also as one of the 3 spirits of the sun.

Virgin Mary - to Roman Catholics, the Virgin Mary is queen of the angels.

Virgin of light - in Manichaean lore, a great angel of the order of virtues, dwelling in the moon. In Pistis Sophia, the Virgin of Light replaces Sophia as judge of souls and a distributor of holy seals. She has, as her aides, seven other virgins of light. In Coptic texts the virgin of light is the one who:"chooses bodies into which souls of men shall be put at conception, in discharge of which duty:"she sends the soul of Elijiah into the body of John the Baptist."

Virgins - an order of angels mentioned in the Coptic Book of the Resurrection of Christ by Bartholomew the Apostle. “Virgins” is very likely another term for virtues.

Virtues - a high order of angels placed usually 2nd or 3rd in the 2nd triad of the 9 choirs in the Dionysian scheme. In Hebrew lore the virtues are equated with the malakim or the tarshishim. The principal duty of the virtues is to work miracles on earth. They are said to be the chief bestowers of grace and valor. Among the ruling princes of the order are Michael, Raphael, Barbiel, Uzziel, Peliel, and (originally) Satan. In the planetary scheme of the Egyptians, and in hermetics the chief of virtues was Pi-Rhe (Pi-Re). More than a score of virtues are cited by name in Gustav Davidson’s monograph, “The Celestial Virtues”. In the psuedepigraphic Book of Adam and Eve, 2 virtues, accompanied by 12 other angels, prepared Eve for the birth of Cain. In the just-mentioned work, its translator, L.S.A. Wells, believes that these 2 virtues “are the guardian angels of which our Lord speaks of in Matthew 18:10.” The 2 angels of the ascension are traditionally regarded as belonging to the order of virtues. Eusebius: “The Virtues of heaven, seeing him rise, surrounded Him to form His escort.” When enumerating the 9 orders, Camfield, A Theological Discourse of Angels, uses mights in lieu of virtues. In Larousse Illustrated Encyclopedia of Byzantine and Medieval Art, fig. 815, the virtues are pictorially represented in a group.

Virtues of the camps - in the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, Levi is carried to the 2nd heaven; there he finds the “Virtues of the camps, ready for the Day of Judgement.”
Vishna - in the Bhagavad Gita, a mighty angel who, with Brahma and Mahish, sprang into existence from one of the primary properties.

Vishnu - the first avatar (incarnation), to whom, according to the Bhagavad Gita, was confided the preservation of all that Brahma created. The legend is that Vishnu, by assuming the form of a fish, recovered the Anant-Ved (source of the 4 Vedas) from Rakshas, a demon also known as Samak Azur, who had fled with it into the deep waters. Vishnu performed other miraculous feats.

Vngsursh - an angel of the summer equinox invoked as an effective amulet against the evil eye.

Vocasiel (Vocatiel) - one of two governing spirits of the zodiacal sign of Pisces (fish), the other spirit being Rasamasa.

Vocatiel - (Vocasiel)

Voel (Voil) - one of the angels of the zodiac. Voel represents or governs the sign of Virgo (the virgin).

Vohal - an angel of power invoked in conjuring rites

Vohu Manah (Vohu Mano) - (“good thought”) one of the 6 amesha spentas (archangels) in Zoroastrianism. Vohu Manah is the personification of good thought. In the Avesta, Vohu is the 1st of the amesha spentas. He receives the faithful soul at death.

Voices, the - in Gnostic mysticism, the voices are angelic entities inhabiting the Treasury of Light. It appears that there are 7 voices. In Fludd, Utriusque divided into 3 primary choirs called (by Fludd) voices, acclamations, apparitions.

Voil - (Voel)

Voizia - an angel of the 12th hour of the day, serving under Beratiel

Voval - (Uvall)

Vraniel - an angel of the 10th hour of the night, serving under Jusguarin.

Vretil (Pravuil, Radueriel) - the archangelic keeper of the treasury of the Sacred books, said to be “more wise than the other archangels.” Vretil is frequently referred to, in Enoch II and Ezra lore, as “the scribe of knowledge of the most high.” “The idea of a heavenly scribe,” says Charles, the Book of Enoch, is “derived in the main from the Babylonian Nebu.” Vretil is equated with Dabriel, Uriel, Enoch, Radueriel, and Pravuil, and is associated or identified with “the man clothed in linen.” In Enoch II, 23:3ff, Vretil dictates, while Enoch writes, “366 books in 30 days and 30 nights.”

Vrihaspati - guardian of hymns and prayers in Vedic mythology; also “instructor of the gods” and “first-born in the highest Heaven of supreme light.” Otherwise known as Vachaspati and Brihaspati.

Vual - (Uvall)

Vulamahi - an angel invoked in the exorcism of the Bat.

Vvael - a Monday angel resident of the 1st heaven, invoked from the north.

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