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Xaphan - Sometimes associated with Zephon. Xaphan is one of the apostate angels who has fallen to the status of a demon of the 2nd rank. when Satan (Lucifer) & the angels rebelled; Xaphan joined them & was greatly favored for his inventive mind, He first suggested that the rebel angels set fire to Heaven; But before it was carried out he & his colleagues were hurled into the bottomless abyss Tartarus)... Xaphan is said to remain there forever fanning the embers in Hell's furnaces. Which is why his emblem is a pair of bellows. He is mentioned also in "De Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863 ed."

Xathanael - Xathanael is said to be the sixth angel created-
This was stated in the "Gospel of Bartholomew" & also by the testimony of the demon Beliar. He has also been associated with Nathanael.

Xexor - Mentioned in the Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses
as a benevolent spirit who is invoked in conjuring rights.

Xomoy - The twin of Xexor & Xonor who holds the same place
as a benevolent spirit invoked in conjuring rights.

Xonor - The twin aspect of Xexor & Xomoy. They are said to be the only three-sided aspects or "triplet" angels. He is also invoked in conjuring rights.

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