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Zaafiel - One of the ruling angels who guards the hurricanes of destruction...(along with other natural disasters) which are all held in the sixth heavens... He takes his commands to release the hurricanes from the Shekinah (the female aspect of God) the ruler of nature.

Zabkiel - A regent prince of the choir of Thrones. One of the angels of music who directs the holy Trisagion every evening (or morning) in the fifth heaven.

Zacharael - A Regent prince of the Dominions. An angel of the second heaven.

Zacharel - He grants strength & physical powers. In the choir of Thrones.

Zachiel - Under Sadkiel in Michael's armies. Zachiel is a ruler of one of the many watchtowers in the second heaven.

Zachriel - An angel who rules over memory, when invoked he grants good memory.

Zadkiel - "prayer of God" Under Sadkiel in his army of the Jentries, he works closely with Tzadkiel...& is sometimes mistaken for him. He is an angel of benevolence, joviality, & compassion. A regent of Jupiter & the sign of Sagittarius. He is a ruling prince of the choir of the Dominions. He also grants good memory. He is one of the nine regents of heaven & one of the seven archangels of the divine presence. He rules prayer.

Zafiel - an angel of the fifth & second heaven. Who rules over the rain.

Zafrire - name of the spirits ruling morning. Religious texts do not clarify whether or not Zafrire are angels.

Zagiel - A fallen angel who was once the angel who directed song. He was in the choir of archangels & taught young angels the songs of the Trisagion.

Zagzagiel (Zagzagel) - "God's Righteousness" An angel of wisdom, one of the angels who appeared to Moses. Some say the one in the burning bush. most argue that was Metatron and other authorities call you Michael. He is one of the instructors of the younger angels as well, But he bestows the wisdom of the ancients upon them. He is a prince of the divine presence & a prince regent of the Fourth Heaven.

Zahariel - An angel whom, when invoked helps one to resist temptation. The brightest angel in the Second Heaven.

Zahun - An angel who governs over the scandals of man.

Zakkiel - An angel under Uriel & Ariel. One who governs storms.

Zakun - An angel of the divine presence. When Moses lay dying, he prayed to God for a longer life. God sent Zakun & Lahash (another greater angel) to intercept the prayer so that it would not reach heaven, because If the prayer had reached God's throne, it would have been granted...but Moses' time had come to die. Zakun & Lahash along with 184 myriads of angels had to intercept the prayer. at the last moment Lahash refused to intercept, feeling pity for Moses. Zakun had to complete the mission on his own. Lahash was shunned from the divine presence.

Zaksakiel YHVH - A great prince of the Divine Presence.
He guards God's throne.

Zalbesael - "heart of God" An angel (dominion) over the rainy season.

Zaliel - Dwells in the South of the Fifth Heaven. Rules Tuesday.
He is invoked from the South.

Zaniel - A regent of the sun-sign Libra. He bestows the positive characteristics of that sign when invoked.

Zamael - Rules over sexuality. Doubles sexual pleasures when invoked.

Zaphiel - A companion to Iofiel & Zophiel. He is a great Cherubim & a Prince ruling over Saturn.

Zaphkiel - often mistaken for Zaphiel & a companion to Tzaphkiel. His name signifies "God's knowledge". He is a prince regent of the choir of Thrones. & one of the seven great archangels. He is a regent of Saturn & most importantly he rules the Binah, or third sephira of the Tree of Life.

Zarall - One of the two Cherubim carved on the Ark of The covenant. Her vengeance is great one those who disturb it.

Zarobi - An angel of precipices. She rules over Africa & parts of England.

Zathael - One of the twelve angels of Vengeance, among which are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael & Nathanael. They are angels of the divine presence as well along with Zathael, & among the first to be created.

Zavael - An angel who directs whirlwinds. Works with Ariel in governing the waters.

Zayday - An angel of the seven planets.

Zazail - Invoked in the exorcism of evil spirits. He is an 'angel of the lord'

Zazel - An angel used in Solominic magic to bring love. He is a spirit of Saturn. He rules the number 49. Along with the angel Asiel (his twin aspect), he can be used to
prevent sudden death.

Zasriel - An angel of the Divine Presence, he emanates & even represents the power of God.

Zebul - He rules the Sixth Heaven, only at night, while Sabath rules it during the day. According to Enoch this angel carries the name of the actual Second Heaven. According to Ezekiel, he has the name of the Third Heaven. His name means 'temple" or "habitation".

Zebuliel - A principal regent of the western side of the First Heaven, he accompanies the prayers of the faithful to the Second Heaven. He only rules when the moon comes appears in the west of the First Heaven.

Zechariel - One of the seven regents of the Earth.

Zechiel - Invoked in happiness rituals. Brings joy & energy.

Zeffar - Serves the ninth hour. He has been given the title of "The Genius of Irrevocable choice."

Zehanpuryu'h - A great prince of the divine presence. He is higher in rank than Metraton, as a prince of the Merkabah. He is one of the chiefs of the heavenly hosts & works with Michael in the weighing of the souls of the dead on the scales of divine justice. (showing people the good & bad aspects of their previous life in the afterlife) He guards the seventh hall of the seventh heaven. He has the title "This one sets free".

Zeirna - A genii. (fairy, Djinn) who works with angels in the ruling of the fifth hour. The "genius of infirmities."

Zephaniel - A regent of the tenth choir (Ishim) , in the Kabbalah.
This is a choir that was made of the dead saints or Lord's Elect (the elders) not angels. The Pseudo- Dionysius classification does not
include this choir because it is not angels.

Zephon (Zefon) - A principal regent of paradise & a member of the choir of Cherubim. Name signifies "one who looks out" Rules the sixth sefira. Under Gabriel; he was sent by Gabriel along with Ithuriel once to find Satan, during the tempting of Eve... They found him in the garden & returned to retrieve Gabriel & Ariel. (two of Lucifers good companions before the fall) to talk lucifer out of the temptation. They were too late & Lucifer refused to repent. Ariel was the angel who had to chase Lucifer & then later Adam & Eve out of the garden of Eden.

Zerachiel - An angel of July ruling the sign of Leo. One of the Grigori
(watchers) who did not fall & who protects Heaven from forces of evil.

Zeriel - Another name for Zuriel.

Zethar - An angel who protects immortality. Also an angel of confusion.

Ziah (Zillah) - An angel of chastity. A variant of the name "Zillah."

Zianor - Rules over ink & colors invoked to assist artists.

Zidkiel - Rules the Terebinth tree.

Zikiel - An angel of lightning & comets.

Zillah (Ziah) - ("trembling, moving"). A descendent of Seth who was loved by Cain, and also by Levannah - a Moon deity - an ancient name for Gabriel. In Semitic myth, Zillah was cold and indifferent to the affections of her suitors (Cain), because of her love for the night sky. She was a dancer, (likely a priestess of the moon God), devoted to chastity and perhaps virginal (purity is a property of Gabriel and the lunar angels). A variant of her name: "Ziah" has been used as a title for an angel of chastity.

Ziquiel - Zikiels twin aspect, rules comets & meteors.

Zizuph - A Genii (Djinn or fairie) of the 8th hour. A genius of mysteries.

Zohariel YHVH - One of the highest ranking princes of the Divine Presence. He was given a secret name of God. One of the principal angels in the Merkabah. associated with the divine Shekinah.

Zophael (Zophiel) - The "nectar of God" or "the seeping God." One of Michael's first general's whose army acted at the scouts and watchmen of Heaven during the First War. He is invoked into rites of Power in Solomonic magic and also summoned for his ability to find what is hiding / lost. His name signifies the quality of honey / nectar / viscous fluid to alter its shape and seep into cracks or hard to access places. He is a seeker, and a spy for Heaven, and related to the angel Shadkiel in this quality. He is under Michael as a first general in the Archstrategist's armies. The two other first generals he works with are Tzadkiel, & Orion. He has a twin aspect Zophiel who is a second general under him, who he is sometimes equated with due to variations of his name.

Zophiel (Jofiel, Zophael) - The "spy of God" as his name signifies. One of Michael's second general's who is under Zophael in the armies of Heaven's scouts / spies. During and after the War in Heaven he became a bridge between rebel & allied forces. He was sent to Tartarus & Hell to gather information & deliver it back to Michaels & Uriels armies. Then he abruptly stopped returning to Heaven. His loyalties are unclear regarding reference. His sympathies for the fallen earned him the title "Herald of Hell" from Gabriel. The other second generals are Rubenis & Belael (later Belial). (See Michael's armies.) Sometimes equated with Jofiel.

Zotiel - One of the angels in the choir of Cherubim. Works with Johiel & Zephon in the guarding of paradise. His name means "little one of God."

Zuphlas - Protects the Forests & Trees. A genii (fairy/not angel) of the 11th hour.

Zuriel - His name signifies, "God is My Rock". A regent of the sign of Libra. One of the seventy childbed amulet angels. He is a prince Regent of the choir of the principalities. He cures stupidity. He also assists Uriel in the ruling of September. Also he is cited as being "chief of the house of the fathers of Merari." in Numbers 3:35.

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