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First, we'll take you through the basic sections of the site. Then we will try to explain how to best find specific information on Megadriel and how to request, submit, interact and make the most of your visit here.
••• has four major sections.
Each of these are quite large, so we will go over these first.
The four parts are: Art Galleries :: Biographies :: Information :: Interaction

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Now that you know how each section of the site works, let's go over how to find what you are looking for. Whether it is a simple answer or extensive research, Megadriel can be overwhelming to search through. Below are a few common enquiries and how to find them. They should give you a good idea on how to best use the information on (Keep in mind that demons are listed with angels in the Biographies etc.)

Looking up a specific angel by name.
Looking up the meaning of a name.
Looking up an angel's symbol.
Looking for specific artwork.
Looking up specific angel information.
Looking up general angel information.
Looking up demon information.
Looking up angels in a specific religion.

Looking up a specific angel by name: This can be tricky as there are variant spellings to almost every angel's name. You will no doubt find it within the Biographies, but finding it by search is tricky, as you will only be looking up the name as you have spelled it. We try to cover all variant spellings, but often people are simply spelling out the sound of the name. The best course of action is to go to the Biographies page, look up the first letter of the angel's name and see if you can find it in the list. (Variants are easy to recognize as their spelling or pronunciation are very close to each other.) If you have tried the search and found nothing, try this method. If you still can't find the name, ask about it in the forum. that way, not only can we help you find it, but we can update the site so that new visitors will find it.

Looking up the meaning of a name: A name's meaning can be found alongside it's biography description in the Biographies page. It takes time and research to find the meaning behind the names so we don't have them all. We would like to, however, but it is such a grueling process to go through 1000+ biographies and work on translating each name. If you cannot find the name's meaning in the angel's bio description, please contact us in the forum and we will look it up. This helps Megadriel in the long run because we update what we find so that others can see it.

Looking up an angel's symbol: This is a common search on Megadriel. Symbols are popular in angelology as they are like preternatural signatures of an angel's name or title. [See more: Symbols] The major angels and demons have symbols on Megadriel within their respective Well Known pages. For lesser angels and demons you can find their symbols linked from their biographies, or in the symbol index on the scripts page. Keep in mind their are symbols, sigils, & seals, each in their respective place on the scripts page. If looking for a specific angel's symbol, check the biography first. If you have no luck there, you can ask us about it. We may have not uploaded it yet (as we have to develop a description for each), and if we have it somewhere on the site, we don't mind pointing you to it.

Looking for specific artwork: While our galleries are extensive, our index of art is far from complete. It is much easier to find a piece of art than to find it's specific information. How to approch looking for it depends on what you are looking for. If you want art by a specific artist, browse the artist galleries. If you want art on a specific angel, you will find Well known Angels have their own art sections, and lesser angel's art will be linked from their respective biographies. If you are looking for a specific theme, the Galleries have categories that can help. Until we get all the art indexed you will no doubt have several artworks with no information attached to them. Contact us to look up the details on a piece or help you find it.

Looking up specific angel information: This is, of course, dependant upon what you need to look up. Under the information bar (left panel) you will find most of the info on the site, but it is categorized in a number of ways. In order to make it easier for you we have placed portal pages for each category here: Heaven :: contains ranking (choirs, orders), saints, archangels, the first war, aeons, the trisagion, & scholars. If you are looking for something outside of these, try the search (lower right hand panel). And of course, if you can't find what you are looking for, tell us at the forums, we'll be happy to point you to it.

Looking up general angel information: If you are looking up general information on angels, the best place to start is the Information pages. Start with the sections under Heaven. Then move onto angel properties. The First War and The Watchers are fascinating for beginniners to angelology, as they give you a good sense of the apparent nature of angels. The Biographies can be tedious, and because there are over a thousand of them, I wouldn't look to them for memorizable material. The Text section of the site offers descriptions as well as text readings. I would suggest the descriptions until your study of angels is far enough along that you recognize the texts you will be reading. Because many of them are religious or arcane, they can be very dry reading.

Looking up demon information: Demons are either featured in The Fallen, or they are listed alons with angels in the Biographies. The Fallen is for general information, and Biographies simply covers any angel related entity. Try the search or the bios for a specific name, and see the categories under The Fallen for general information. As always, contact us if you have trouble finding what you're looking for.

Looking up angels in a specific religion: We have not decided to do any specific religion sections on the site as of yet. Now, your best bet is to look to the Text descriptions as they generally cover the role of angels in that particular religion/philosophy. Well Known Angels have segments on their sites that go over their roles in religion. Lesser angels may have reference to what religion they are associated with under their Biographies. If you have a specific question on angels and religion, be sure to contact us at the forum.

The Forum:

Can't find what you're looking for? Ask a moderator at the forum. Also, you can submit/discuss art, report comments on the site, and discuss/interact with fellow visitors. Free & easy registration!

Encounters Page
Read over accounts of hundreds of angel encounters from ancient to modern day. Post your own experiences and discuss them with other visitors.

Site Submissions
Submit your art to be featured on Megadriel. We have a full gallery section devoted to:
"Art by You".
See your work displayed and commented on by other visitors. Look for other submissions in the future also, including music & fiction.

The Columns
Essays based on angel related topics. Including art and interactive polls, these columns fully immerse in their subject and attempt to draw out conclusions. Read, review and discuss them here.

Visitor Articles
Post your own columns in the form of articles submitted to the site to be read and reviewed by other visitors. Writing on the subject of any angel related information is welcome. Articles may be based on theory or verifiable.
[Guidelines apply.]

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