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::Tour of the site::
The Biography pages on Megadriel.

Arguably the most important site on Megadriel, the Bio pages conatain over a thousand individual angel names and descriptions. Along with the Well Known Angels, these pages cover just about every known angel in angelology. Because of the amount of information in these pages, we have developed ways to assist in sorting through them.

Here are some features of the Biography pages:
:: Anchoring :: Linking :: Variants :: Keywords ::
[Read descriptions below on how to utilize them.]

Anchoring: All names are anchored within their page. This means that when you are reading a description of an angel, and other angel name featured in the bios will link to it's description. This can be specifically helpful with associated angels. For example: If you are looking up the angel 'Senciner', you will find several other angels' names in his biography who work with him in Michael's armies, by clicking their names, you move to their individual description.

Linking: In addition to anchors, all properties of an angel that are featured on Megadriel are also linked to their source. For example, if an angel has artwork or a known symbol there will be links within the bio to view these.

Variants : There are potentially endless ways to spell angel's names, as all of them are translated from another text to English. Also, most angel names searched on Megadriel are simply spelled out according to pronunciation, which doesn't always match the actual name. Variant spellings are featured on the bios to give a better chance of finding the angel you are looking for through the search. For example: If you are looking for Kasbiel, you can search 'Kasbel', or 'Kasbiil', 'Kasbeel'. All will link you to the right biography, as they are all variant spellings of the same name, and they will all be featured on the biography.

Keywords: We have some keywords marked within the bios to better assist your searches. If you don't know the particular name of an angel, but may know something about him, the keywords increase your chances of finding the right bio. For example, If you want to find out who 'The Archstrategist' is referring to, you can simply enter it into the search, and you will bring up Michael's page.

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Encounters Page
Read over accounts of hundreds of angel encounters from ancient to modern day. Post your own experiences and discuss them with other visitors.

Site Submissions
Submit your art to be featured on Megadriel. We have a full gallery section devoted to:
"Art by You".
See your work displayed and commented on by other visitors. Look for other submissions in the future also, including music & fiction.

The Columns
Essays based on angel related topics. Including art and interactive polls, these columns fully immerse in their subject and attempt to draw out conclusions. Read, review and discuss them here.

Visitor Articles
Post your own columns in the form of articles submitted to the site to be read and reviewed by other visitors. Writing on the subject of any angel related information is welcome. Articles may be based on theory or verifiable.
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