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::Tour of the site::
The information pages on Megadriel.

These pages contain the general information on Megadriel. Here you will find out about angels overall; their characteristics, their environment, & their history. Because of the amount of information on these site they have been divided into individual pages.

Our art page has these categories:
:: Properties :: Heaven :: The Fallen :: Scripts ::
[Each category has subcategories. Read descriptions below.]

Properties: This sections covers the properties of angels such as associations & orders which are not included in ranking.

Subcategories are:
The Sephiroth - The divine emanations of the Tree of Life.
Planetary Associations - Angels associated with celestial bodies.
Zodiac Associations - Angels and the zodiac.
Time Associations - Angels associated with specific times.
Other Associations - Childbirth, the Principalities etc.
Angels of Healing - Angels associated with Healing.
Angels of Death - Angels associated with Death.
The Shemhamphora - Angels bearing the 72 names of God.
Angels of Protection - Angels associated with Protection.
Angels of Creation - Angels associated with Creation.
The Walkers - Angelophany : angels in human form.
The Ischim - The order of Prophet-angels.
Angels of Wrath - Angels associated with Wrath & destruction.
Visit the Properties page: here.

Heaven: All rankings and placement of angels within the Heavens. Includes descriptions of the Heavens in different accounts, various types of Heavenly inhabitants & associated stories such as The First War.

Subcategories are:
The Seven Heavens - Descriptions of Heaven's structure.
The First War - The War in Heaven.
The Scholars - The angels of study.
The Purgatory - The lesser Heaven.
The Hierarchy - The ranking of angels & Heaven's armies.
The Aeons - The Elohim; or first of the angels.
The Archangels - The high angels of men.
The Trisagion - The music of the angels.
The Cannonized - The sainted angels.
Visit the Heaven page: here.

The Fallen : This category contains information on the fallen angels, devils, demons, and evil angel-related spirits. It goes over Hell's structure and inhabitants also.

Subcategories are:
The Adversary - The Devil or Satan.
The Abyss - Tartarus, the gate between worlds.
The Goetia - The harmful king demons.
The Hierarchy - The ranking of the infernal armies.
The Dukes - The higher demons.
The Imps - The lesser demons.
The Djinn - The elementals.
The Hells - The structure of Hell and other underworlds.
The Limbo - The hell for men.
Visit The Fallen page: here.

Scripts: This category contains the symbols, sigils, seals, languages and alphabets of Heaven and Hell.

Subcategories are:
Symbols - The individual symbols of angels.
Alphabets - The 3 alphabets and their functions.
Lesser Alphabets - The modified alphabets.
Aiden - The language of the angels.
Lesser Alphabets - The modified alphabets.
Seals - Signatures containing multiple symbols.
Sigils - Seals used to invoke power.
Visit the Scripts page: here.
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